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PSAT Reading & Writing Practice Test

Use our PSAT reading and writing practice test to begin preparing for your exam. Our exam is 100% free and was modeled after the actual PSAT.

We have updated our practice exam to match the new changes made by CollegeBoard. You will find our exam matches the newest digital format of the PSAT.

PSAT Reading and Writing Practice Test

Take our first PSAT reading and writing practice test.

You will find the same number of questions, modules, time limits, and types of questions as the actual exam.

More PSAT Reading and Writing Questions

Want some more PSAT reading prep? Use the link below to practice additional PSAT reading questions in an untimed environment.

The questions in the practice sets below are untimed and include answer explanations after each question. This will help you study in a low stress environment and really focus on learning key concepts.

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PSAT Reading and Writing Overview

When the PSAT switched to a digital format, the exam underwent some changes.

The PSAT reading and writing section is now made up of 2 modules:

  • Module 1: 27 questions, 32 minutes
  • Module 2: 27 questions, 32 minutes

An infographic showing an overview of the PSAT reading and writing section.

All the questions will be multiple-choice. There will be 1 question per passage.

There are 4 main categories tested on the PSAT reading and writing section:

  1. Craft and Structure
  2. Information and Ideas
  3. Standard English Conventions
  4. Expression of Ideas

For more information on the reading and writing section, visit the official CollegeBoard website.

You can practice other sections (like the math section) by visiting our free PSAT practice test page.

PSAT Reading and Writing FAQs

There are 2 modules within the PSAT reading and writing section of the exam:

  • Module 1 = 27 questions and 32 minutes
  • Module 2 = 27 questions and 32 minutes

There are a total of 54 questions and 64 minutes.

All of the questions on PSAT reading and writing will be multiple-choice questions.

There will be 1 passage per question. The passage will be shorter in length and will only be applicable to that specific question.

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