TABE Reading Practice Test 2
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Cities across the world are essentially blends of smaller cultural environments that lead people to have vastly different experiences. Each city typically contains a broad spectrum of dining establishments along with various art institutions like museums and theatres. Yet with all these blends of dining, art and night lives, what is the one characteristic that can distinguish a city? History. The undeniably unique history of each city provides rich traditions and a bond between the local people that overshadows any other city’s mélange of dining and art institutions.

In context, which word most closely defines mélange?


TABE Test Information

The TABE (Test of Adult Basic Educations) Exams are a set of tests covering the areas of reading, math, and language. The TABE is designed to certify that a student has the academic skills normally acquired by completing a typical high school program of study. The TABE may be used as an entrance or placement exam by trade schools, technical schools, or community colleges. Some adult education or GED study programs also make use of the TABE.

The TABE tests may be taken online or via a traditional paper and pencil method. The organization that is administering the TABE will have the details on test registration, location, cost and testing methods.

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TABE Test Format

The TABE consists of subtests in the following categories:

  • Mathematical Computations
  • Applied Math
  • Reading
  • Language

There are also optional tests in the following areas:

  • Language Mechanics
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling

Each of the subtests will present a series of multiple choice questions and will have a time limit.


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