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TABE Practice Test

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Take a TABE practice test below. You can choose which subject you want to prepare for below. Use the answer explanations at the end of each exam to help you learn.

Overview of the TABE Exam

TABE stands for Test of Adult Basic Education. The TABE test is used to determine an individual’s skill and aptitude levels. The exam is used by companies during their hiring and promotion processes and by agencies who are guiding people into adult education programs or trade school programs.

The TABE test is made up of 3 subjects (source):

  1. Reading: 47 Questions, 50 Minutes.
  2. Mathematics: 40 Questions, 65 Minutes.
  3. Language: 40 Questions, 55 Minutes.

Each of those subjects has 5 different levels you could be tested at:

  1. Literacy (L)
  2. Easy (E)
  3. Medium (M)
  4. Difficult (D)
  5. Advanced (A)

You will be given a quick placement test (called the TABE locator test) to determine which level you will be tested at. The level you are tested at determines what is on your exam. Here is more information on the different difficulty levels.

An image showing an overview of the TABE exam

Scoring of the TABE

There is no passing or failing score on the TABE. The exam is used to determine your skill and aptitude level. When you receive your results, you will see the following:

  • Raw Score: The number of correct answers you had.
  • Scaled Score: A score between 0 and 999. This is calculated by scaling your raw score. This is what is used to compare your score with other test-takers. Scaled scores can be compared across all TABE subjects and difficulty levels.
  • Grade Equivalent Score: This score will be between 0 and 12.9. It is used to represent the traditional K-12 education system. The score you get represents your school year and month. If you scored an 8.5, that would be equivalent to 8th grade and 5 months. The GE score cannot be compared across different levels of the TABE test.

Your TABE score is used to place you in the appropriate adult education class or determine if you are ready for a certain job or role. Remember, this exam is not pass / fail and there is not a set passing score.

Registering for the TABE and Test Day

Registration for the exam will be through whoever is providing you with the exam. You can expect to pay a fee, typically around $25-$50.

On test day, you will take a quick placement test (locator exam). The placement test will determine which level you will be tested at for each of the 3 subjects.

How to Study for the TABE

The TABE is an exam used to test your skills and aptitude. Here are some tips you can use when studying for the TABE:

  1. Take an Initial Practice Exam: An initial practice exam will help you see where you stand.
  2. Find Areas You Struggle With: You should narrow down specific subjects or topics that you struggle with. This will help you focus your studies.
  3. Look Into Prep Courses and Other External Options: You may want to consider a prep course to help you prepare. This will help you study more efficiently.
  4. Give Yourself Time: Make sure to give yourself enough time to prepare. Nothing good will come from cramming.

Benefits of Using a TABE Practice Test

Using a free TABE practice test is a great way to prepare for the actual exam. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Increasing Your Speed: There are time limits on all the TABE subtests. Although most students who take the TABE feel that there is sufficient time, taking the TABE practice tests with self-imposed timers help you budget your time effectively.
  • Focusing Your Preparation: Taking sample tests will help you understand the areas you know well and the ones you do not.
  • Gaining Familiarity with the TABE Test Format: The TABE exam, just like every standardized test, has its own unique format. Make sure that you are familiar with the exam before taking it.
  • Improving Your Problem Solving: Answering questions will help you become a better problem-solver. Make sure to use our answer explanations to help you learn key concepts and solve problems faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

The TABE test is a test used to evaluate your skills and aptitude. You will be evaluated on reading, math and language. The test is used by companies to better understand your skills and by programs when placing you in various classes.

There is no passing score on the TABE. The exam is scored on a scaled system from 0-999.

The retake policy will be set by whoever administered the exam. TABE recommends allowing a minimum of 6 months or 60 hours of instruction between retakes.

Yes, you may use a calculator on the TABE. However, it will be provided for you. It will only appear when the question allows for a calculator.

TABE stands for Test for Adult Basic Education.

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