ServSafe Manager Practice Test 1
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One of the FDA-recommended food safety responsibilities of a manager is:

ServSafe Information

The National Restaurant Association works to improve food safety through the use of their ServSafe Certification programs.  The ServSafe programs include: ServSafe Manager, ServSafe Food Handler, ServSafe Alcohol, and ServSafe Allergans.

Each of the certification programs includes training and an exam.

The training program is based on the latest edition of the ServSafe Essentials book (Sixth Edition).  The training also covers the latest FDA Food Code.  The course covers the following topics: foodborne illnesses, including information on specific foodborne pathogens and biological toxins, such as shellfish poisoning, contamination, and food allergens. Prevention is also covered, with information regarding purchasing and receiving guidelines, food preparation, holding, and serving guidelines, food safety management systems, sanitation guidelines for facilities and equipment, and integrated pest control, as well as food safety regulations and employee training