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CompTIA Network+ Practice Tests

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A CompTIA Network+ practice test is highly recommended for acing this tricky exam. The CompTIA Network+ is designed to help individuals develop a career in the IT industry by reviewing their ability to troubleshoot, configure, and manage a network. It includes multiple-choice and performance-based questions, so you’ll need to properly prepare in order to get the most from it. 

With that in mind, this isn’t unlike other written tests that you’ve likely taken so there’s no reason to be intimidated by it. Its job is to determine whether or not candidates have enough knowledge in IT to troubleshoot specific issues.

By passing this exam, you’ll receive a CompTIA Network+ certification. This guide will provide you with some CompTIA Network+ practice exams and other resources to help you along the way. 

Summary: Try one of our CompTIA Network+ practice exams below to start your test preparation.

Our free CompTIA netowork+ practice exams below include detailed questions and answer explanations to help you better understand the material.

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While the exact number can vary from test to test, there will never be more than 90 questions on the CompTIA Network+ test. You’ll have 90 minutes to answer all questions. 

Furthermore, when you complete the main exam, you will be asked to fill out an optional survey that asks about your studies. This is generally 12 questions and has no bearing on the exam results. 

The CompTIA Network+ test has two main types of questions – multiple-choice questions and performance-based questions. These are all designed to test your ability to troubleshoot and work in an IT environment. 

Here are some of the topics on the CompTIA Network+ test:

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Networking Implementation
  • Network Operations
  • Network Security
  • Network Troubleshooting

CompTIA Network Test Breakdown

The grading scale of this test is pretty straight-forward. It’s scored on a scale ranging from 100 to 900. 720 is required to receive certification, which works out to be 77%. So if the test is 90 questions, you’ll need to answer 70 of them correctly in order to pass. 

With that said, the problem with this exam is that it’s an extremely complex test and as a result, preparation is quite difficult. This is one of the tests where a CompTIA Network+ prep course is highly recommended due to the complexity of study required.  

While a CompTIA A+ certification is not mandatory for taking this exam, it’s highly recommended. The reason the A+ certification is so highly recommended is that individuals who pass that test will have the basic knowledge to begin with their CompTIA Network+ certification.

Please note that the CompTIA Network+ exam is $348 to take.

As mentioned earlier, this is a complex test so you will need to create a detailed study plan in order to pass it. Basic knowledge of networking won’t be enough. You have to enhance that knowledge by following through with these tips. 

Tip #1: Learn Time Management

One of the biggest hurdles with the CompTIA Network+ exam is the strict time limit. You will get one minute to answer each question, which is what most people struggle with. So the first step to acing this test is to learn how to efficiently manage your time. 

The issue comes with Performance-Based-Questions. These usually take longer to solve since they require troubleshooting. So here’s the process you should follow. Start by analyzing the question. Do not even think about a solution until you have analyzed it fully. Once you have properly analyzed it, then you can attempt to solve it. If you don’t understand the question, skip it and come back at the end of the test. 

Tip #2: Find Hints in the Questions

Identify keywords in each question. Also if a word is capitalized or in bold, then pay close attention to it. The key is to identify the point of the question as quickly as possible so you can move onto the solution. 

When you are unable to answer specific questions, you can use keywords to help you find a solution. 

Tip #3: Use the Power of Deduction

Summon your inner Sherlock Holmes and use the power of deduction to help you through certain difficult questions. This is mostly useful with multiple-choice questions. Due to time constraints, these are the questions you want to spend the least time on during the test. 

Simply use the power of deduction to remove certain choices from consideration. So even if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can deduce that it’s not certain choices and remove them from consideration. 

Tip #4: Learn From Every Question

Taking a test is a journey and as with all journeys, you can pick up knowledge along the way. Certain questions might ask about one thing while teaching you about another. This is a testing mindset that most people take for granted. 

This is also one of the reasons why skipping questions you don’t know is encouraged. By the time you come back to them, another question might have provided you with the answer. 

Tip #5: Take a CompTIA Network+ Practice Test

Always start out by taking a CompTIA Network+ practice test before you start planning out your study sessions. This gives you the baseline of your current knowledge in comparison to the test. That way, you know the exact areas where you need to focus your studies. 

After taking a CompTIA Network+ practice test, be sure to go over all of the questions you answered incorrectly. Study those areas in great detail. 

Tip #6: Develop a Study Plan

Taking the practice test gives you the starting point for developing a study plan. You need a way to gauge the gap between your current knowledge and the expectations from the test. 

But the biggest issue is that many people fall short in their studies. With the difficulty of this test much higher than average, you cannot afford to let that happen. A study plan has two primary goals: build on your strengths and try to fix some weaknesses.

When it comes to studying for this test, you will be faced with two choices – self-study or invest in a prep course. 

Individuals who decide to study on their own will have to possess dedication and have superb accountability. First of all, you have to do all of the research yourself. Then you have to verify the information to ensure that it’s up-to-date. The biggest advantage of self-study is that it gives you a personalized experience. Plus it’s free. 

However, the downside is that it requires more prep work and even then there’s no way to guarantee that the information is up-to-date with the latest CompTIA Network+ tests. 

Our recomended CompTIA Network+ prep course provides all of the information for you and it’s guaranteed to be up-to-date with current testing requirements. It gives you several CompTIA Network+ practice tests, study tools, and all of the materials required to ensure that you ace the exam.

The only downside to using a prep course is that it requires an investment.

What’s the Best Way to Ace the CompTIA Network+ Test on the First Try?

The answer is simple – proper study habits. The CompTIA Network+ is quite intimidating for beginners but it’s not too difficult to pass as long as you come prepared.

It’s highly recommended that you have at least 18 months of experience with networking technology.

Can I Retake the CompTIA Network+ Exam?

Yes. Anyone who fails their first attempt at the CompTIA Network+ test can retake it. There’s no waiting period between the first and second attempt, which can be quite beneficial if you happen to fall just short of a passing grade.

All subsequent tests require a 14 day waiting period. Also, each test retake requires an additional fee so it’s advised that you ace it the first time.

What Methods of Taking the CompTIA Network+ Are Available?

There are two testing methods available – online and in-person testing.

Online testing provides you with the opportunity to take the test in a quiet location free of distractions.

In-person testing will require you to visit a testing location.

Both are valid options so the choice depends on your personal preference.

Although it’s more expensive to pay for a prep course, it’s highly encouraged because it frees up more time for studying. It also requires less discipline than self-studying. 

The key is to go into the test with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to pass. Preparation is the tool used to achieve all three of those things. Those of you looking to pass this test the first time around should take advantage of the practice tests above and decide from there if you need additional study resources. 

Last Updated: 2/23/2022


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