GRE Math Numeric Entry Practice Test 2
Directions: Enter your answer into the box provided. Do not use units or special characters (e.g., $, feet, etc.). If answer is a fraction, enter in simplest form (i.e., 3/4 vs. 6/8)
Lenny is a professional typist. She can type 330 words in 1.5 minutes. How many minutes would it take Lenny to type 9,900 words given that she takes a rest of 60 seconds after every 10 minutes?

GRE Exam Information

The GRE revised General Test is for students who plan to go to graduate or business school, or for students simply exploring their options before moving forward with educational or career plans. The GRE test models question types that closely relate to the kind of thinking you will do in graduate school.

Areas of focus include verbal and quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. Critical thinking skills are assessed as well as the examinee’s ability to articulate and support substantial ideas effectively.

Different schools and departments place varying degrees of emphasis on the GRE. While some schools view it as a mere admission formality, some schools consider it an important selection factor.

Most experts suggest that a minimum of three months of GRE prep is the recommended study period. Try our free GRE practice exams to get started. For more serious prep, see our review of the best GRE prep courses.

Performing well on the GRE test is critical to getting into a graduate school of choice. Business programs and graduate schools often take the top tier scores, so in order to succeed on the GRE, you must prepare ahead of time.


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