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Achieving a top score on the ACT can help you get into the college of your choice.  For some people, however, doing well on the ACT tests is a daunting task. Learn how to ace your ACT exams. Understand ACT requirements, learn about ACT study guides, and discover when and where the ACT tests are given. Use our free ACT Practice tests.

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Free ACT Practice ExamsFree ACT Practice Tests

free ACT practice testsStudying sample ACT test questions is a great way to study for your upcoming tests. Our directory of Free ACT Practice Tests is listed below.  Our free ACT sample exams provide you with an opportunity to assess how well you are prepared for the actual ACT Test, and then to concentrate on the areas you need work on.

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ACT Test Dates2013 and 2014 ACT Test Dates

ACT Test DatesIn most states, the ACT Test is given six times a school year, as shown in the tables below.  The tests are administered on Saturdays.  The regular registration deadline is approximately one month before the test date. Most high school students choose to take the ACT Test during the spring of their junior year and/or the fall of the senior year.  Many student take the ACT test twice (once as a junior and once as a senior).  57% of repeat test takers increase their ACT composite score on a retest. 

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ACT ScoresACT Scores

act scoresACT Test Scores are an important factor for college admissions.  Many colleges will set minimum required ACT scores, while others will use ACT scores as just one of many admissions criteria.  The tables on this page will allow you to fully understand your ACT scores.  The ACT percentile charts will show how you compare to other high school students who have recently taken the ACT.  The ACT College Requirements Chart will show the average ACT scores for public and private colleges in general.  Finally, we present the 25th and 75th percentile ACT scores for the largest public and private colleges in the United States.

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Why ACT Online Prep Is Better

If you're a candidate in taking the ACT or American College Testing test, be prepared. You need to be prepared early on and not later when everything is too late. ACT preparation is very important for you to be able to pass the exam. Your initial preparation should include ACT online prep. This is one of the best reviewers because it gives comprehensive reviews of things.
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ACT Test OverviewACT Test Overview

ACT Test OverviewThe ACT Test is a standardized exam that is used by U.S. colleges in their admissions process.  The ACT assesses a student's college readiness in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.  Students may also take the ACT Plus Writing which includes a 30 minute Writing exam. The ACT Test serves a similar function to the SAT in that both are used by colleges and universities as a factor in admissions. 

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ACT Test RegistrationACT Test Registration

ACT Test RegistrationYou can register for the ACT Test either online or by mail.  Online ACT Test registration has several advantages over mail-based sign ups.  Online ACT Test registration is faster and it enables you to determine if your testing location has space for you.  Registering for the ACT Test online also allows you to print your ACT admission ticket.  You will need to select an appropriate test date that will give you enough time to submit your scores to your preferred colleges.  Once you have selected you ACT test date, make sure that you register well enough in advance to secure a seat at your preferred test center and to avoid any late registration charges.

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ACT Test PrepACT Test Prep- Top Ten Study Tips

ACT Test Study TipsThe ACT test can be extremely challenging if you are not prepared for it. Understanding what to study and how to prepare can be the difference between achieving an average composite score versus an exceptional composite score.  Many students taking the ACT have had difficulty with the test in the past (or with other standardized tests).  To improve your scores, you often need to change the way you study for the test. Follow these top study tips to improve your score on the ACT Test.

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Why Should You Use The ACT Study Guide

You need to prepare if you're going to take the American College testing (ACT) test. You should start selecting the best ACT study guide so you can review early. ACT test will help measure your readiness to enter college that's why it's important. There are four subjects for the ACT exam and all of them are required for any college admission test. The main subjects are Reading, Math, English and Science. There is also a writing test for students who want to follow a journalism or literature career.
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