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ACT English Practice Test

Use our ACT English practice test to ensure you get a top score on the English portion of the ACT.

Our ACT English prep includes detailed questions and answers to help you learn important concepts that will be tested on the actual exam.

Summary: Prepare for the ACT English section by using our practice questions below. Study a different subject by visiting our ACT practice test hub.

ACT English Practice Test

Find our ACT English practice below. There are 3 different exams to choose from. Each one includes answer explanations to help you better understand concepts.

Make sure to review the explanations as they will help you learn how to solve problems faster.

Note: The above practice questions were written by to help you prepare for the exam and give you the essential ACT practice you need – they are not official ACT questions.

ACT English Overview

The ACT English test has the most questions of any of the 4 sections on the ACT. You will find a total of 75 questions on this portion of the exam and will have 45 minutes to complete the section.

There are 3 main categories tested on the English section of the ACT:

  1. Production of Writing (29-32%)
  2. Knowledge of Language (15-17%)
  3. Conventions of Standard English (52-55%)

Overview of the ACT English Exam

You can find practice exams for different subjects by visiting our ACT practice question home.

ACT English Test FAQs

You will find multiple essays or passages that are followed by multiple-choice questions. You may be asked to refer to underlined portions of a passage, specific sections of a passage, or to make changes to a passage.

There are a total of 75 questions on the English section of the ACT.

You will have 45 minutes to take this portion of the exam and you will not have any breaks.

One of the best ways to prepare for this section is by using similar questions and passages to get a better idea of how to answer these types of questions. The ACT English prep above will help you achieve this by offering your similar passages and questions to answer.

Official ACT English Resources

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