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Practice Test for the ACT

All ACT Practice Tests If you know where you want to focus your ACT practice, choose the subject below. You will find more subject specific

ACT Reading Practice Test

ACT reading practice can be hard to come by – but it doesn’t have to be. Use our free practice exams listed below to prepare

What is a Good ACT Score?

What is a good ACT score? This is a common question many students ask when they get their ACT scores back. Knowing what a good

ACT Math Practice Test

Use our ACT math practice below to prepare for your upcoming exam. You can take various practice exams and work on your problem-solving skills. You

ACT English Practice Test

Use our ACT English practice test to ensure you get a top score on the English portion of the ACT. Our ACT English prep includes

ACT Science Practice Test

ACT Science is notoriously one of the harder sections on the ACT. A great way to prepare for this section is to use an ACT

What is the ACT?

Most colleges require applicants to submit test scores as part of their application, but students are often given a choice between the ACT and the