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Many people want to know their IQ score. Learn how to find and improve your IQ score. Use our free IQ tests.



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Take our free 30 question online IQ test - updated for 2022.  IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a way to describe a person’s “mental age”  - a method to measure human intelligence.

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Have you ever wondered how IQ testing is used to determine whether someone is a Genius or is Mentally Challenged? You are not alone. People have been trying to measure intelligence in children and adults since the early 20th century with various methods of testing. While intelligence is an abstract concept that can’t truly be defined or measured, psychologists have devised Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Tests that can determine a person’s mental capability. The resulting IQ test scores are used by professionals in a wide variety of disciplines and professions to diagnosing various issues and identify an individual’s potential in specific areas. 

High IQ Societies

Organizations that limit their membership to individuals who have scored high on the IQ test are referred to as a high IQ society. There are numerous high IQ societies out there and each organization has different requirements for entry. 

These organizations can also be referred to as genius societies because they accept scores for other standardized exams, not just the IQ test.

what does IQ stand for

The exact definition of intelligence is a debatable, intellectual pursuit. However, the generally accepted definition (i.e., the working definition) of intelligence is as follows – 

Intelligence is one’s ability to gain knowledge and, one’s ability to use this knowledge to problem solve or to meet an objective. 

In layman’s terms, intelligence refers to how smart or clever an individual is. 


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