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Wonderlic Scores

The Wonderlic is an exam used by many employers during the hiring process. It is important to understand Wonderlic scores as this can have a direct impact on your ability to land the job.

Wonderlic test scores are relatively straight forward - each question is worth 1 point. But, what is a good Wonderlic score?

We will take a deeper look at the Wonderlic score and everything that goes into it. We will also review the average Wonderlic score and what is considered a good Wonderlic score.

Summary: Learn more about Wonderlic scores. You can take our free Wonderlic practice test to see what your score is.

As stated above, each question on the Wonderlic is worth 1 point. There are a total of 50 questions on the Wonderlic. Therefore, a perfect score would be 50.

  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Maximum Wonderlic Score: 50
  • Minimum Wonderlic Score: 0
  • Points Per Wonderlic Question: 1

Each question is weighted equally on this exam. So, it will not be worth your time to spend extra time on certain questions. If you do not know the answer, guess, and move on.

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The average Wonderlic score can be grouped into 2 different categories:

  1. General average Wonderlic score
  2. Average Wonderlic score by career

The Wonderlic Group releases data on Wonderlic test scores periodically and they group the scores into those 2 different categories.

The general average Wonderlic score is a 20. This means that the average person, across all careers, answers 20 questions correctly when taking the exam.

However, you may be wondering what is a good Wonderlic score based on your career. We will review those Wonderlic scores in the following section.

Every employer and person will have a different view of what a good Wonderlic score is. With that being said, we do have some data to help you determine and set expectations for your Wonderlic score.

In the table below, we have broken down Wonderlic test scores by career. See where your Wonderlic score stacks up. If you want to see what you would score, take our Wonderlic test.

Career Score
Systems Analyst 32
Chemist 31
Electrical Engineer 30
Accountant 29
Programmer 29
Executive 29
Engineer 29
Reporter 29
Teacher 29
Investment Analyst 27
Electronics Technician 26
Salesperson 25
Nurse 23
Bank Teller 22
Firefighter 21
Cashier 21
Skilled Craftsman 18
Security Guard 17
Welder 17
Warehouseman 15

Please note, the NFL used to give out this exam to their players during the combine. You can review NFL Wonderlic scores in our complete guide

The Wonderlic Group did a very interesting study on Wonderlic scores and their relationship with GPAs. As expected, the Wonderlic group found that as a person’s GPA increased, so did their Wonderlic score.

The study broke individuals into 8 groups. Group 1, which had the lowest GPA, also had the lowest Wonderlic scores. View the table below to see the results of this study.

Group GPA Wonderlic Scores
Group 1 2.60 0-4
Group 2 2.77 5-9
Group 3 2.85 10-14
Group 4 3.02 15-19
Group 5 3.21 20-24
Group 6 3.41 25-29
Group 7 3.46 30-34
Group 8 3.50 35-50
Source: Wonderlic Blog

If you want to dive even deeper into Wonderlic test scores, you can use the data provided from Mensa on Wonderlic scoring percentiles. Mensa used to accept the Wonderlic for membership into their organization, however, they no longer accept it. You can take an IQ test to get into their society though.

Use the table below to review Wonderlic scoring percentiles. For example, if you scored in the 31st percentile, that means you scored better than 31% of other test-takers.

Wonderlic Score Percentile
0-8 0
9 5
10 6
11 8
12 10
13 13
14 16
15 19
16 23
17 27
18 31
19 36
20 41
21 46
22 51
23 57
24 62
25 67
26 71
27 76
28 80
29 83
30 86
31 89
32 91
33 93
34 95
35 96
36 97
37 98
38 98
39 98
40+ 99

Unfortunately, it may be difficult to learn what your Wonderlic score is. Your test results are property of the company or institution that issued the exam. 

Some companies or institutions will share your Wonderlic scores with you, while others will choose not to. It all depends on their policies and how they choose to handle Wonderlic test scores.

What is a good score on the Wonderlic test?

A good Wonderlic score is technically anything above a 20. 20 is the average Wonderlic score, so anything above this would be considered good.

However, certain careers have a higher average Wonderlic score, so it does vary by career.

How can I score well on the Wonderlic?

You can score well by taking a sample Wonderlic test. A practice exam will help you become more familiar with the actual exam and do better on test day.

How many points is each question worth on the Wonderlic?

Each question on the Wonderlic is worth 1 point. There are 50 total questions for a total of 50 points.