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What is Mensa?

Mensa is a non-profit organization open to people who score in the 98th percentile or higher on an approved intelligence test.

The organization itself is a society of high-scoring IQ individuals. The members of Mensa range in age and location and span across 100+ countries around the world.

To get into the Mensa Society, an individual needs to score in the 98th percentile on a standardized, supervised IQ test or an approved intelligence test.

When admitted into the society, the individuals gain access to exciting social, cultural, and intellectual opportunities such as lectures, debates, surveys, journals, and more.

The Mensa Foundation also sponsors scholarships and different programs for gifted children, publishes a journal that highlights scholarly research, and awards grants and fellowships to people who are studying something that will impact society.

What Mensa Score Do I Need for Admission?

The main qualifier used to get into the Mensa society is scoring within the top 2% (the 98th percentile) on any of the approved intelligence tests.

For the Mensa IQ test specifically, an individual would need to score at least a 131. The average is a score of 100.

Other Ways to Get into Mensa

While the Mensa IQ test is a test you can take to get into the Mensa society, there are other tests you can take to get into the society.

There are 30 different exams an individual can take to gain admission into the Mensa society.

Here are the tests and the scores you need to achieve:

TestNotesScore Needed
Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)A composite SAS of 132 or higher
Differential Ability Scales (DAS)A GCA of 132 or higher
Differential Ability Scales: Second Edition (DAS-II)A GCA of 130 or higher
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT)Nonverbal Ability Index Score of 130+
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test 2 & 3 (NNAT2/NNAT3)Nonverbal Ability Index Score of 132+
Otis Lennon School Abilities Test (OLSAT)Total SAI of 132 or higher
Otis-Gamma TestIQ of 131 or higher
Stanford BinetIQ of 132 or higher
Stanford Binet 5IQ of 130 or higher
Woodcock-Johnson Test of Cognitive AbilitiesIQ of 132 or higher (editions I, II, and III); IQ of 131 or higher (edition IV)
California Test of Mental Maturity (CTMM)IQ of 132 or higher
Cattell Culture Fair TestIQ of 148 or higher
Reynolds Intellectual Assessment ScalesIQ of 130 or higher
Wechsler Adult and Children ScalesFSIQ of 130 or higher
Wechsler Non-Verbal Scale of Ability (WNV)FSIQ of 130 or higher
ACTOnly accepted if taken before 9/198929
GREOnly accepted if taken before 9/30/20011250 (quantitative + verbal) or 1875 (quantitative + verbal + analytic)

Taken before 1982

Taken after 1982


95th percentile

PSAT (Junior Year)Only accepted if taken before 5/1993180
PSAT (Senior Year)Only accepted if taken before 5/1993195
CEEBOnly accepted if taken before 9/30/19771300

Taken before 09/30/1974

Taken between 09/30/1974 – 01/31/1994



AFQTOnly accepted if taken before 10/198098
Army GCTOnly accepted if taken before 10/1980136
GTOnly accepted if taken before 10/1980136
Navy GCTOnly accepted if taken before 10/198068

As you can see there are more than plenty of ways to get qualified for the Mensa society (source).

If you are hoping to join, visit Mensa’s website to find a testing facility near you and learn more about the test.

Preparing for the Mensa IQ Test

Technically, there is no way to prepare for the Mensa IQ test as you cannot really “gain” intelligence. With that being said, you can definitely take some steps to try and improve your score before taking the exam.

Here are some steps we recommend:

  1. Take an Online Mensa Practice Test: An online practice test will expose you to some of the types of questions you will see. This will help you gain some familiarity with the exam.
  2. Analyze Your Score Report: After taking the practice exam, analyze your score report. Try and figure out where you struggled so you can focus on those types of questions. Remember to read over the answer explanations as well.
  3. Narrow Down Your Studies: If you found that you struggled with something specific, try and focus on that specific task when preparing. This could be a specific type of problem or could be the timing aspect of the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can practice for this exam by taking our free Mensa practice test. Our practice exam will help expose you to some of the types of questions you may see on the actual exam.

The average score on the Mensa test is 100. However, the range is usually 80 to 100. If you want to get into the Mensa society you will need to score at least a 131 or higher.

You must score at least a 131 or higher on the Mensa test to get into the Mensa society.

Yes, the Mensa society accepts other test scores. They accept test scores from 30 different exams. View the table above for a full list of those exams.

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