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Best Enneagram Personality Tests

The Enneagram of Personality is a concept that is found in the annals of business management texts as well as spiritual writings. The foundations and theories of the Enneagram of Personality are taught via the many nationwide conferences, digital media options, print versions, and in-person seminars offered by the Enneagram Institute. 

In the context of spirituality, an enneagram personality type is representative of existing patterns and pathways that lead to higher states of being – i.e., enlightenment or nirvana. In the context of business and management, an enneagram personality type offers insightful information that can be used to gain a clearer vision regarding the interpersonal dynamics of workers in business settings. 

NFL Wonderlic Test

The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test is an examination with proven results that have withstood the test of time. While the Wonderlic Test was initially developed as a cognitive assessment exam for business professionals, it’s precise results have made it so popular that it is now used to determine if a job applicant will be a good fit for the US Military – and even, the National Football League, to name just a few industries. 

So, how would you fare if you took the NFL Wonderlic Test? What football position are you best suited for?

what does IQ stand for

The exact definition of intelligence is a debatable, intellectual pursuit. However, the generally accepted definition (i.e., the working definition) of intelligence is as follows – 

Intelligence is one’s ability to gain knowledge and, one’s ability to use this knowledge to problem solve or to meet an objective. 

In layman’s terms, intelligence refers to how smart or clever an individual is. 

Wonderlic Scores

The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test is the brainchild of E. F. Wonderlic. As a graduate student at Northwestern University (in the mid-1930's), he crafted the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test - a group of intelligence exams used to evaluate potential employees’ capacities in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving for a variety of occupations and industries. 

Free Personality Tests

Being self-aware about who you are and how you behave is a critical life skill that can be utilized in a number of different aspects whether it be in your work-life, relationships, or just day-to-day interactions you may encounter.

Some would argue that one of life’s biggest challenge is finding yourself. In other words, discovering who we are as an individual, what makes us us, and how we act or react to certain situations throughout life.  One way of gaining a better understanding of yourself is through personality tests.

While you shouldn’t fully define yourself based on one type of personality or believe you are a certain way because of a personality test you completed online --- it is certainly important to note that these tests can and will be fairly accurate. A starting point, if you will, into your journey of self-discovery.

Before we delve into the early and modern history of personality testing as well as the various forms of tests you can take, let's talk about what you can gain from understanding your personality and the accuracy of these tests.


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