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According to the Society of Human Resource Management, the average cost-per-hire for a new management candidate is $4,129. To cut down on hiring costs and screen for specific character traits in management and executive candidates, many employers have turned to Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Tests (CCAT). 

Kenexa Assessment

The Kenexa Assessment is used by potential employers to see if a candidate has the right skills to quickly adapt to their new position. The type of Kenexa test you take will depend on the industry your potential job falls into and the skills needed to perform the job. Because the test areas can vary greatly, taking the time to prepare for the Kenexa Assessment is vital for your success. 

Often, a company will narrow down their top few candidates and then determine which candidate has the right knowledge and skills for the job using the Kenexa Assessment. Because this assessment tests a specific skill set for the job, taking plenty of time to prepare is crucial and may make the difference between getting the job or being passed up by other prepared candidates.

Aptitude Tests

It is becoming more common for employers to use aptitude tests as part of their pre-hiring process. If you find yourself having to pass an aptitude test to make it to the next stage with a potential employer, don't worry. With the right preparations and understanding of the assessment, you can easily prepare and test with confidence.


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