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No matter what you are interested in or what amount of schooling you have, everyone joins a career field with the hopes of enjoying whatever job they take.

However, it can be hard to know which direction you want to go in when there are so many jobs available in the world with various requirements to become employed.

This is where a free career test may come into play. Any career quiz can help someone who feels lost in the world of jobs find direction and what they are interested in.

A career aptitude test can even help someone figure out what the appropriate route is to get to the end goal of whatever job they want to have.

Summary: Use a career aptitude test below to find the career that best fits your needs. It may help to take a personality test first to see what kind of personality you have.

Free Career Test

A what career is right for me quiz is a great way to discover where you fit in the world of jobs. While Buzzfeed probably has hundreds of fun quizzes like this, there are also free options for you to find your first or next career through formats that professionals have been using for years.

Here are some of the options we found for you:

University of Georgia Career TestUniversity of Georgia
University of Arizona Career InventoryUniversity of Arizona
Camosun College Career Assessment GuideCamosum College
Career Interest SurveyUCanGo2
The RIASEC TestHawaii Public Schools

All of these free quizzes look at various areas of personality traits, interests, and skills that can help you find out what career would be best for you. By completing a free career test that covers all of these areas you will get a full picture of what career will lead to success and fulfillment in your life.

You may be asked to take various exams like the Wonderlic while going through the application process. You can take our free Wonderlic test to prepare for exams like this while going through the hiring process.

What is a Career Aptitude Test?

A career aptitude test or a what career is right for me quiz has the goal of fitting you to a career by asking about your personality, interests, and skills that you have already acquired.

What a career assessment test does is take those traits you have and pair them with different career options to match them up and show you what job most aligns with who you are and what you can do.

Aside from telling you which job you will likely find success with, a career assessment test can also tell you which kind of environment you would work well in.

From a career that asks you to work closely with others to one where you are asked to work relatively alone, these tests can help you figure out where you will have more success.

Many people get a career test and an IQ test mixed up – a career test is meant to help you learn more about yourself and does not include any right or wrong answers.

How Does a Career Assessment Test Work?

When you decide to take a career quiz, you will be asked all sorts of questions about yourself as a person to determine which job is right for you. These questions often vary in a few different categories that we will break down in the following paragraphs.


You will be asked questions about your personality to learn how to work. Many of these tests ask you to rank how much a question sounds like you or ask you to check off or circle answers that sound more like you.

Questions and statements you would see in this part of the assessment would be ones like, “I consider myself to be hardworking” and “do you like working in a group?”

This helps you figure out what role you may best fulfill at a job (such as a managerial position if you have strong leadership skills) and what type of work setting is best for you to succeed (such as working better if you are allowed to collaborate and exchange ideas).

It will also ask how you would like to receive work or be managed when you work a job to understand if you need to work independently or can succeed with a more structured form of management.

If you just want to focus on your personality, take our personality type test.


This will likely take up the main portion of the assessment. It can be something like asking you to rank which activity you would rather do (such as attending a sporting event or reading a book).

Many times, this section will cover jobs you would rather do. This can look like asking you if you would rather manage a group of 500 employees or if you would rather train one new employee.

Others may ask you about specific jobs that you prefer to do such as operating machinery or writing a report.

When taking a free career test, this is when you need to be most honest with yourself to get accurate results. If you choose ones only because you know it will lead to the desired job, in the end, you are doing yourself and the job market a disservice by not finding which job is best for you.


While this category can be broad or narrow or even not included much in whichever test you decide to take, the career assessment test will likely ask you some sort of question related to the skills you possess.

It could be direct by having you check off which skills you have or it could be asked in a more roundabout fashion.

If you are asked whether you would want to make a sales pitch to one person or give a speech in front of a large group, it is asking about skills you have without coming out and saying it directly.

If you would rather give the sales pitch, it could mean you have good negotiating skills while the speech would rely more on communication and public speaking skills.

You will likely gravitate to the choice that you have more experience in which means you would be more skilled in it.

With all of your answers to these categories in a career quiz, you will match them up with some sort of table or graph that tells you an area that you will likely be best suited for. There are typically multiple career options within these broader categories that you can research until you find one you love.

Benefits of a Career Test

Career tests help narrow down the options that a prospective employee may have for a career. They are often used in high school to help a student determine which route a student should take once they graduate to reach their full potential.

A career test can also help uncover skills someone didn’t know they had. For example, someone who always worked the same type of job or in the same field all their lives may not know that they have undiscovered potential to work in another field.

They also may inform someone that they have potential for growth within their field. For high school students, it can help them learn what skills they have to make them competitive in the employment market.

The career assessments may also help someone understand what kind of work environment they do best in whether it is collaborative work or independent work, an office job or a job where they are free to move around, or a job where they are managed or a job where they are their own boss.

Essentially, career quizzes help a person realize what skills they have and where they would best work when they enter the workforce based on those skills and other personality traits.

Benefits of a Career Test

Who Should Take a Free Career Test?

If you are someone who is about to enter the workforce for the first time, you should consider taking one.

Whether that means you are a high school student looking to make some cash on the side, a high school graduate ready to jump into the job market, a high school student who doesn’t know which path to take upon graduation, a college freshman who doesn’t know which major to choose, or if you have recently graduated from college and want to know where you can put your degree to use.

Someone else who should take advantage of this type of test is someone looking to switch careers. We all want to have a sense of fulfillment with our job, and if you aren’t feeling that, you should look to find what you will feel fulfilled doing.

Career tests can help you learn what skills you may not know that you picked up or they can help you learn how your interests and work goals have changed.

Another person who could find a free career test helpful is someone who may have recently lost a job. Though it can be a scary time, you can get renewed hope by finding which career best suits you based on the skills you already possess.

Free Career Test FAQs

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most widely used career assessments. This is a personality test that focuses on extroversion vs. introversion, thinking vs. feeling, senses vs. intuition, and judgers vs. perceivers.

When you get your four-letter personality type, it gives you strengths and weaknesses and which careers you might find fulfillment with.

Many of the tests we have seen break them into larger categories such as arts, which includes writing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. However, with some research into the careers and possibly the paths to get there, you will likely land on one you prefer over the rest.

Yes, we have listed some of our favorite ones above.

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