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TSI Practice Tests

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Use our free TSI practice tests (updated for 2023) to prepare for your upcoming TSI exam. Get ready for your Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exam with our study guides and sample questions. One of the best ways to prepare for the TSI exam is by studying practice questions.

Our practice exams are automatically scored and contain answer explanations to help you understand why an answer was wrong. Studying with actual TSI questions and answers will get you the score you need and help save you time while studying.

Summary: We have free TSI practice tests that are automatically scored and contain answer explanations.

TSI Math Practice Tests


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Test-Guide.com's sample TSI questions are an excellent way to study for your upcoming TSI exams. Our sample tests require no registration (or payment!). The questions are categorized based on the TSI test outline and are immediately scored at the end of the quiz.

Once you are finished with the quiz, you will be presented with a score report which includes a complete rationale (explanation) for every question you got wrong. We will be adding more sample test questions in the near future, so please come back often. If you like these TSI practice questions, please make sure to share this great resource with your friends and colleagues.

In preparing for your TSI exam, you may find these official resources helpful:

Resource Notes Provider
Student Brochure (PDF) Official student brochure from CollegeBoard. Learn more about the exam and what to expect when you take the exam. CollegeBoard
Additional Questions (PDF) Additional practice questions if the questions above were not enough. CollegeBoard

There are many benefits of preparing for your TSI exam with practice tests. Studying for your TSI test using sample questions is one of the most effective study practices you can use. The advantages of using sample TSI tests include:

  • Improving Your Problem Solving Abilities - To do well on the TSI exam, especially the math section, you need to be able to solve problems. As you practice with our sample questions, and review the provided explanations, you will increase your ability to solve problems.
  • Mastering the Test Format - Standardized exams, like the TSI, have their own particular test formats. The best way to become familiar with the test format is to take practice exams. By understanding the TSI test format you will have no surprises on test day!
  • Concentrating Your Study -Many students waste a lot of valuable study time by reviewing material that they are good at (often because it is easier or makes them feel better).As you take more and more sample tests you begin to get a feel for the topics that you know well and the areas that you are weak on. The most effective way to study is to concentrate on the areasthat you need help on.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment is a program that measures a student's readiness for college-level courses in math, reading, and writing. Colleges also use the TSI results to help place students in the right courses and determine if any interventions are necessary.

The TSI exam consists primarily of multiple choice questions. Additionally, students may be asked to write a five-paragraph persuasive essay.The TSI exam covers the following areas:

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TSI Mathematics

The TSI math test includes word problems using real-world situations. There are approximately 20 questions on the TSI placement test and 10 items on the diagnostic tests. Students are presented problems that includes diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables. Calculators are not allowed on the exam but the ability to use an online calculator is available for certain test questions.

The topics on the math test include: elementary algebra and functions, intermediate algebra and functions, geometry and measurement, and data analysis, statistics and probability.

TSI Reading

The TSI reading exam tests the student's ability to understand information presented in reading passages. The reading passages may include excerpts from: novels, short stories, newspapers, magazines, poetry, drama, and business documents. Questions are multiple-choice and there are approximately 24 questions on the placement test and 10 to 12 on the diagnostic test.

The topics covered in the reading test include: literary analysis, main ideas and supporting details, inferences in a text, and author's use of language.

TSI Writing

The TSI writing exam measures how well a student can identify and correct errors in written text. Errors will include sentence structure, usage, mechanics, and organization. Similar to the reading exam, the questions are multiple choice and there are approximately 20 questions on the placement test and 10 to 12 on the diagnostic test.

Topics include essay revision, agreement, sentence structure, and sentence logic.

TSI Essay

Students may also be asked to write an essay. The essay is a persuasive essay between 300 and 600 words long (five paragraphs). The essay writing prompt will be either a controversial topic or an item of current interest. Students are expected to present and support a main idea. Students will be measure on how well the develop the main idea with specific examples and details.

Additionally, students will be assessed on how well they follow the conventions of standard English.

All incoming college students in Texas are required to take the TSI exemption unless they are exempt. The most common TSI exemptions are granted for:

  • ACT Scores - scoring higher than a 23 (composite), including a minimum score of 19 on both the English and math tests.
  • SAT Scores - scoring higher than a 1070 (combined verbal+math), with a minimum score of 500 on both sections.
  • TAKS Scores - scoring higher than 2200 on both the math and English Language Arts section, as well as a 3 or higher on the writing subsection.
  • Veteran Status - veterans, active duty, and/or reserve status for 3 years prior to enrollment.
  • Transfer Students - you are exempt if you have already satisfactorily completed college-level courses
  • Certificate Students - you are exempt if you enroll in certificate programs (one year or less) at a public institution

The official rules regarding exemptions can be found here. (Warning! it's long and boring!)

Each of the TSI subject tests are score independently. Students must meet certain "college ready" scores in each subject test in order to not be required to take developmental education or accelerated intervention coursework. The college-level passing scores are phased in based on enrollment dates and listed below:

Phase I - Students entering higher education fall 2013

  • Math: 350
  • Reading: 351
  • Writing: Essay score of 5 and multiple choice of 350

Phase II - Students entering higher education fall 2017

  • Math: 356
  • Reading: 355
  • Writing: Essay score of 5 and multiple choice of 350

Phase III - Students entering higher education fall 2019

  • Math: 369
  • Reading: 359
  • Writing: Essay score of 5 and multiple choice of 350

What is the TSI?

TSI stands for Texas Success Initiative. The TSI is an assessment exam that aims to gauge a student's readiness for college-level courses in math, reading, and writing. The test is also used as a way to place students in the appropriate classes in college.

What is on the TSI exam?

The TSI exam covers 4 different sections - mathematics, reading, writing, and an essay section. The TSI exam consists primarily of multiple choice questions.

What is the best way to study for the TSI?

One of the best ways to get ready for a standardized test is by taking practice tests. Our free practice tests will challenge you in all aspects of the TSI. Our free practice tests also include answer explanations to help you better understand the material and do better on the TSI.