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TSI Reading Practice Test (ELAR)

Take our TSI reading practice test to prepare for your upcoming exam. We have updated our exams to reflect the changes made for the TSIA2 exam.

Instead of reading and writing being on different exams, they have been combined into the same section of English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR). Start preparing for your TSI ELAR exam below!

TSI Reading Practice Test

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TSI ELAR Overview

The TSI reading and TSI English sections were combined into the TSI ELAR section when the exam was updated to its new format (TSIA2).

Instead of having to take 2 separate sections, you will now save some time by only having to take 1 section (ELAR). The categories you will be tested on include:

  • Reading-Focused: Ability to to comprehend and analyze texts and passages.
  • Writing-Focused: Ability to revise and edit sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

The essay will also appear on this ELAR section. You can practice for the essay by visiting our TSI essay page.

There is a College Readiness Classification (CRC) Test and a Diagnostic Test:

College Readiness Classification (CRC) ELAR Test:

  • Questions: 30
  • Time Limit: Untimed

ELAR Diagnostic Test:

  • Questions: 48
  • Time Limit: Untimed

You will take the CRC test first. If you do not score 945+ and an essay score of 5+, you will need to take the ELAR diagnostic test.

TSIA2 ELAR Exam Overview
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  • TSI CRC ELAR Test: 30 Questions
  • TSI Diagnostic ELAR Test: 48 Questions

There is no time limit on the TSIA2 ELAR exam.

CRC score of 945+ and an essay score of 5+ or CRC score below 945 and a diagnostic level of 5 and an essay score of 5+.

The TSI was updated on 1/11/21. TSI reading and TSI writing were combined into this new section, TSI ELAR.

This helped streamline the exam for students by combining sections.

Dave Evangelisti
Dave is our founder and CEO. He has 20+ years of experience in the testing and test prep industry.