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TSI Scores

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA2) is a standardized test that public Texas colleges use to determine whether you are college ready or not.

There is technically not a passing score, but there are some benchmark scores you will want to reach that will allow you to avoid developmental courses in college.

Summary: We outlined the scoring of the TSI exam. To prepare for the exam, take our free TSI practice exam.

How to Get Your TSI Scores

You receive your TSI scores immediately after the completion of the test. They will send you a score report via email within minutes of your test being complete.

What is a Passing TSI Score?

Technically, there is not a passing TSI score. However, there are cutoff scores that determine whether or not you are college ready.

The TSI has a benchmark called the “college-readiness benchmark” for each section.
Here are the scores for each section that you must obtain to be considered college ready:

TSIA2 (After 1/11/21):

  • Math: CRC score of 950+ or CRC score below 950 and a diagnostic level of 6.
  • ELAR: CRC score of 945+ and an essay score of 5+ or CRC score below 945 and a diagnostic level of 5 and an essay score of 5+.

TSI (Before 1/11/21):

  • Math: Score from 350 to 390.
  • Reading: Score from 351 to 390.
  • Writing: Score of 340+ and an essay score of 4+

If you receive a “college ready score,” you will be placed in a college-level course. If you do not receive a “college ready score,” you may be placed in a developmental course or something similar in nature (pre-requisite course, etc…). You can read more about this on the official PDF.

TSIA2 Scores Overview

What If I Don’t Receive A College Ready Score?

You will take the CRC version of the math and ELAR sections first. If you do not receive college ready scores, you will be asked to take the diagnostic test.

The diagnostic tests are used to help place you in appropriate courses based on your academic level. If you are unhappy with your TSIA2 scores, you may retake the exam again. Review our TSI practice tests to prepare for your exam.

What is a Good TSI Score?

A good TSI score is a score of 950+ on the CRC math section and a score of 945+ with an essay score of 5+ on the CRC ELAR section.

If you receive those scores, that means you are college ready and can avoid taking the additional diagnostic exams.

It is important to remember that this exam is used primarily as a placement exam. Schools want to make sure they place you in the appropriate courses so that you are set up for success from the beginning.

TSI Score Exemptions

There are some other exams you can use in place of the TSI. If you received the following scores, you may be exempt from the TSI.

ExamReading & Writing ExemptionMath Exemption
SAT480 on Evidence-Based Reading and Writing530 on Math
ACT (Pre 2/15/23)23 Composite with 19 on English23 Composite with 19 on Math
ACT (Post 2/15/23)Combined Score of 40 on English and Reading22 on Math
TAKS2200 on ELA and 3+ Writing Subscore2200 on Math
STAAR4000 on English III4000 on Algebra II
GED165 on RLA165 on Math Reasoning

15 on Reading Subtest

Minimum Score of 15 on Writing Subtest and 4 on the Essay

15 on Math Subtest

Importance of TSI Scores and How They Are Used

TSI scores are important because they help schools place students in the appropriate courses. This is not only helpful for schools, but also for students. If you are a student and not strong in math, imagine being thrown into an advanced math course and having no idea what you are doing.

The TSIA2 helps avoid this by giving students and schools an honest assessment of where a student stands. TSI scoring helps place students in courses that match their education abilities and sets them up for success.

How to Get a Top TSI Score

Scoring well on the TSIA2 can help you save some time and money by avoiding pre-requisite and developmental courses in college. Here are some tips to scoring well on the exam:

  1. Take a diagnostic TSI practice exam.
  2. Pinpoint which subjects give you the most trouble.
  3. Determine how much time you have to study and create a study plan.
  4. Dive into those specific subjects that gave you the most trouble.
  5. Once you feel more comfortable with the material, take another practice exam and see where you stand.

By taking a diagnostic practice exam, you will figure out which subjects gave you the most trouble and can pinpoint where you need to study. This will help make your study process more efficient and save you valuable time.

TSI Score FAQs

CRC score of 945+ and an essay score of 5+ or CRC score below 945 and a diagnostic level of 5 and an essay score of 5+.

CRC score of 950+ or CRC score below 950 and a diagnostic level of 6.

TSI scores are valid for 5 years from the day that you took your exam.

Yes, you can retake the TSI as many times as you would like.

You typically get your TSI scores back immediately.

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