GED requirements by stateEach state may impose its own GED eligibilty requirements, as well as testing fees.  We have compiled a directory of state GED administration authorities for every state in the U.S. The GED testing administration is managed differently in each state, typically under one of the following departments/divisions: Department of Ed, Division of Adult Education, Board of Regents, Workforce Education, or Community College administration.  Although their names may vary, one thing they do have in common is that they are the ultimate authority on GED policies and procedures.

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The state GED requirements is the official guide that specifies how to get a General Education Development (GED) certificate for your specific state.  Once you understand the specific requirements for your state, you can prepare for your GED by taking our free GED practice tests.  Information is also available on more general GED requirements.

Select a state below to find your GED Eligibility Requirements:

Alabama GED requirementsAlabama GED - Alabama College System

Indiana GED requirementsIndiana GED - Indiana Division of Adult Education

Nebraska GED requirementsNebraska GED - Nebraska Department of Ed

South Carolina GED requirementsSouth Carolina GED - SC Dept of Ed

Alaska GED requirementsAlaska GED - Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Iowa GED requirementsIowa GED - Iowa Dept of Ed

Nevada GED requirementsNevada GED - Department of Adult Education

South Dakota GED requirementsSouth Dakota GED - SD Dept of Labor, Adult Ed and Literacy

Arizona GED requirementsArizona GED - Arizona Department of Education

Kansas GED requirementsKansas GED - Kansas Board of Regents

New Hampshire GED requirementsNew Hampshire GED - New Hampshire Bureau of Adult Education

Tennessee GED requirementsTennessee GED - Division of Adult Ed

Arkansas GED requirementsArkansas GED - Arkansas Department of Workforce Educationl

Kentucky GED requirementsKentucky GED - Kentucky Adult Education

New Jersey GED requirementsNew Jersey GED - Adult Education by County

Texas GED requirementsTexas GED - TX Education Agency

California GED requirementsCalifornia GED - California Department of Education

Louisiana CLD ManualLouisiana GED - Louisiana Department of Education

New Mexico GED requirementsNew Mexico GED - State Department of Education

Utah GED requirementsUtah GED - UT Adult Education Services

Colorado GED requirementsColorado GED - Colorado Department of Education

Maine GED requirementsMaine GED - Maine Department of Adult Education

New York GED requirementsNew York GED - NY State Educaton Department

Vermont GED requirementsVermont GED - VT Adult Education

Connecticut GED requirementsConnecticut GED - Connecticut State Department of Education

Maryland GED requirementsMaryland GED - Online Preparation

North Carolina GED requirementsNorth Carolina GED - NC Community College System

Virginia GED requirementsVirginia GED - VA Office of Adult Education and Literacy

Delaware GED requirementsDelaware GED - Delaware Department of Education

Massachusetts GED requirementsMassachusetts GED - Massachusetts Adult Education

North Dakota GED requirementsNorth Dakota GED - ND Adult Education and Literacy

Washington GED requirementsWashington GED - WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Florida GED requirementsFlorida GED - Florida Department of Ed

Michigan GED requirementsMichigan GED - Michigan Adult Education Programs

Ohio GED requirementsOhio GED - OH ABLE Office

Wisconsin GED requirementsWisconsin GED - WI GED and English Language

Georgia GED requirementsGeorgia GED - Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Ed

Minnesota GED requirementsMinnesota GED - Minnesota Adult Basic Education

Oklahoma GED requirementsOklahoma GED - OK Lifelong Learning State Department of Education

West Virginia GED requirementsWest Virginia GED - WV Adult Basic Education

Hawaii GED requirementsHawaii GED - Hawaii Department of Education

Mississippi GED requirementsMississippi GED - State Board for Community and Junior Colleges

Oregon GED requirementsOregon GED - OR Dept of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

Wyoming GED requirementsWyoming GED - WY Community College Commission

Idaho GED requirementsIdaho GED - Idaho State Department of Education

Missouri GED requirementsMissouri GED - Missouri Adult Education and Literacy

Pennsylvania GED requirementsPennsylvania GED - ABLE - PA Dept of Ed


Illinois GED requirementsIllinois GED - Illinois Community College Board

Montana GED requirementsMontana GED - Montana Office of Public Education

Rhode Island GED requirementsRhode Island GED - RIDE program

 GED preparation is available in most states at community colleges, learning centers, and other academic sites. Discover GED requirements for your state because GED requirements can differ.  It is difficult to find and understand the info you need on the state’s website. GED is sometimes governed by the Department of Ed or the Department of Labor.

The GED Tests are comprised of five separate content area tests (mathematics, social studies, science, language arts/reading, and language arts/writing).  The test questions are multiple choice and one written essay.  The GED Tests provide adults a way to demonstrate that they have high school level academic skills and knowledge. also provides more Free GED Practice Tests to help you pass your GED test.

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