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Use our free GED practice test below to prepare for your exam. Our GED practice questions are broken down by category and include detailed answer explanations.

You can begin practicing by selecting the links below. Each link will bring you to the practice test where you can answer questions and start your prep.

Summary: Answer the GED questions below by selecting the category you want to focus on below.

Free GED Practice Test

We have compiled 2 general GED practice tests below. Each practice test includes questions from all subjects on the GED.

Make sure to view the answer explanations at the end to see why an answer was correct or incorrect.

GED Practice Test – Subject Specific

If you want to focus on a specific section, we have specific GED practice questions for you to use. You can find each subject and their practice exams by clicking on the links below.

GED Sample Test – Official Provider of Exam

If you are looking for addition free GED practice tests, you can use the links below. These are other free GED tests online that are beneficial to your studies.

GED Language ArtsGEDTS
GED Social StudiesGEDTS

GED Practice – Flashcards

If you prefer to practice for the GED with flashcards, we have linked to some of our favorite resources below. We have included a flashcard set for each subject.

GED Math FlashcardsQuizlet
GED Science FlashcardsQuizlet
GED Language Arts FlashcardsQuizlet
GED Social Studies FlashcardsQuizlet

GED Study Guides

If you want to use a GED study guide for your studies, we have linked some fantastic study guides provided by the official provider of the GED.

GED Math Study GuideGEDTS
GED Science Study GuideGEDTS
GED Language Arts Study GuideGEDTS
GED Social Studies Study GuideGEDTS

GED Overview

The GED includes 4 different sections:

  • Math: 46 Questions – 115 Minutes
  • Language Arts: ~46 Questions – 150 Minutes
  • Social Studies: ~35 Questions – 70 Minutes
  • Science: ~40 Questions – 90 Minutes

Review the image below for a breakdown of the exam. If you want more information on the certificate, read our guide on the GED degree.

GED Exam Overview

How to Best Use a GED Practice Test

Using a free GED practice test is a great way to prepare for your upcoming exam. A GED practice test online will help you narrow down your studies and recognize which areas you may need to spend more time studying.

We recommend the following steps when using our GED sample tests:

  1. Take the general GED practice exam above to become familiar with the questions and their format
  2. Take the subject specific free GED tests online that are also linked above to get a better feel for each subject
  3. Determine which subjects you struggled with the most and spend extra time studying topics, concepts, and questions within those subjects

Some other things you should pay special attention to while using GED practice are the following:

Answer Explanations

You should review all the answer explanations at the end of your practice exam. These answer explanations will help you better understand important concepts and topics. You may even learn a better or faster way of solving a problem.

You should utilize the answer explanations for ALL questions you answered, regardless of if they were answered correctly or incorrectly.


When taking a practice GED test, do you see any trends or patterns in your results? Are you continuously missing a certain type of math problem or a specific type of language arts problem?

Be honest with yourself and see if you can identify any trends that you can address while studying. This will not only help you study more efficiently, but also help you achieve better GED scores.


Be aware of how much time you are spending on each question. The GED is a timed exam and many students struggle with the timing aspect of this exam. It is fine to ignore the timing aspect the first couple of times you take a GED sample test, but you should eventually introduce a timing aspect.

Try to find the fastest way possible to solve a problem and make sure it is a repeatable method for you. If you can find methods to solve problems that are both repeatable and speedy, you will be in a great place when taking the actual exam.

GED Practice FAQs

A practice GED test is a fantastic way to study for the GED. Not only will you become more familiar with the actual exam, but you will also discover which subjects you need to study the most based on how you do on the practice exam.

The exam is mostly multiple-choice but there are some questions that are not multiple-choice that are included on the exam.

You can use a calculator on the exam, but you will not be permitted to use your own calculator. The calculator will be an on-screen calculator.

The GED is scored on a scale of 100-200 points. You will receive a score for each subject. You need at least 145 points on each subject. You can read more about GED scores in our complete guide.

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