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Diagnostic Exams

These are best for individuals looking to test their knowledge with a sample exam.

Diagnostic Exam 1 (All Subjects)

Diagnostic Exam 2 (Math)

Diagnostic Exam 3 (Science)

Diagnostic Exam 4 (RLA)

Diagnostic Exam 5 (Social Studies)

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GED Social Studies Practice Test

Diagnostic GED Social Studies Practice Test Take our free GED social studies practice test below. You will find out how well prepared you are for

GED Science Practice Test

Diagnostic GED Science Practice Test Use our GED science practice test below. You will find a diagnostic exam that will tell you if you are

GED Math Practice Test

Diagnostic GED Math Practice Test Take our diagnostic exam below and see how you do. It will be a good indicator for how ready you

GED Practice Test

Diagnostic GED Practice Test Use our free GED practice test listed below. You will receive a detailed score report outlining how you did and if

GED Scores

After taking your GED exam, you will receive a GED score. This score is very important as you need to achieve a certain score to

GED Requirements: How to Get a GED

The GED is a certification that can be obtained by individuals that shows the have high school-level academic skills in the United States or Canada.

What is a GED?

The GED is a credential that serves as an alternative to a traditional high school diploma. Individuals can earn this credential by taking the GED