Personality and Behavioral Tests

Personality and Behavioral Tests

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Caliper Assessment

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Being self-aware about who you are and how you behave is a critical life skill that can be utilized in a number of different aspects whether it be in your work-life, relationships, or just day-to-day interactions you may encounter. Try a free personality test to see where you stand.

Some would argue that one of life’s biggest challenge is finding yourself. In other words, discovering who we are as an individual, what makes us us, and how we act or react to certain situations throughout life.

One way of gaining a better understanding of yourself is through personality tests.

Best Enneagram Personality Tests

The Enneagram of Personality is a concept that is found in the annals of business management texts as well as spiritual writings. The foundations and theories of the Enneagram of Personality are taught via the many nationwide conferences, digital media options, print versions, and in-person seminars offered by the Enneagram Institute. 

In the context of spirituality, an enneagram personality type is representative of existing patterns and pathways that lead to higher states of being – i.e., enlightenment or nirvana. In the context of business and management, an enneagram personality type offers insightful information that can be used to gain a clearer vision regarding the interpersonal dynamics of workers in business settings. 

Hogan Assessments

Hogan Assessments are a series of science-based aptitude tests used by employers to gain an accurate insight into prospective and existing employees’ personality and cognitive abilities. Organizations that use Hogan Assessments rely on the tools to improve the quality of hire, facilitate individual development, and enhance team effectiveness. 

The Hogan assessments help organizations identify characteristics that may impact an individual’s job performance as well as his/her fit within a particular role, team, or organizational culture.

Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan pioneered the use of personality assessment to improve workplace performance. They are the industry leader with products and services used in 56 countries.

DISC Personality Test Guide

In a nutshell, the DISC assessment test is a survey that can help people understand their personality styles and behavioral trends. In this way, it’s somewhat similar to other personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Personality Test or the Enneagram Test.

It provides a personality assessment by measuring four distinct personality metrics. It’s used by millions of people because it is easy to understand and relatively simple compared to the more in-depth or abstract personality tests, like the Myers-Briggs test.

The DISC assessment test is normally used by companies that want to deepen the interpersonal relationships of their workers or find new team members that mesh well with existing team dynamics.

Caliper Assessment

The Caliper Profile is a scientific pre-employment assessment used to predict the performance of a potential employee. The Caliper Assessment measures a person's motivations and personality characteristics to help predict their performance in a specific role. 

The Caliper Profile is unique in that it can be used in all stages of the employee lifecycle. This includes hiring, promotions, team building, and planning for the future. 

Companies rely on tests like the Caliper Assessment because it costs them less to use a tool and hire the right person the first time than make a bad hiring decision.

Even though this assessment is not a pass/fail test, it is quite in-depth, and the results can determine if you get the desired job. Taking the time to prepare properly will set you up for success. 

PI Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessment is a popular pre-employment personality test. It is taken by over 2.5 million job candidates each year to determine if they have the personality traits to be successful within a company's culture and a particular job.

When you fit into a job's natural behaviors, you are more likely to thrive and succeed than if you have to adapt to fit the role.

Even though this assessment will take you less than ten minutes to complete, understanding the structure will help your score. A high score will be a great sign for any prospective employer and will help you get the job. Your answers could be the determining factor in getting your dream job or being passed over for the next best candidate. 


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