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Exercising elicits an acute hormonal response. The magnitude of this response is dependent on the mode and intensity of exercise. Figure 1 shows the concentration of two hormones in response to exercise as measured by researchers in pmol/l and nmol/l (1 pmol/l = .001 nmol/l). Measurements were taken at multiple timestamps before beginning the workout, after the completion of each exercise in the workout, 15 minutes after completing the workout, and 30 minutes after completing the workout. Changes in these hormones were tracked across two different exercise conditions, or modes, defined as MR and FR. 

data representation 1

Figure adapted from Acute hormonal and neuromuscular responses and recovery to forced vs. Maximum repetitions multiple resistance exercises by Ahtianinen et al.

1. In both the MR and FR conditions, Free Testosterone concentration exhibits a trend during the duration of the workout. What is that trend?


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