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TEAS English Practice Test

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Most students looking to join a health science school or nursing school will be required to take the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) test, which includes the TEAS English section of the exam.

To help you best prepare for the TEAS English test, you should consider taking at least one TEAS English practice test. In this article, we will outline what you can expect to find on the TEAS English portion and give practice tests that you can take.

Summary: Use an English TEAS test below to see what kinds of questions you may be asked on your exam. For help with other subjects, visit our free TEAS practice test page.

While they are the best way to study, a practice English TEAS test can be difficult to find and trust without knowing that it is reliable. We have created some TEAS English practice tests for you to use below.

  1. TEAS English 1
  2. TEAS English 2
  3. TEAS English 3

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Prepare Now

The TEAS English section has a total of 37 questions – only 33 of those questions will count towards your score. The 4 questions that are not scored are used by ATI to test and experiment with different types of questions.

You will have 37 minutes to complete the TEAS English test. Remember, there are other sections on this exam. You can practice for other sections by visiting our TEAS practice test page.

There are a total of 37 questions on the ATI TEAS English and language usage test. You will have exactly one minute to answer each question since you have 37 minutes to complete this section of the TEAS test.

There are 4 unscored or experimental questions on the exam, but you won’t know which of the 37 questions are scored and which are unscored. It is vital that you answer each question to the best of your ability to attain the highest score possible.

Subject + Sub-Topics # of Questions
TEAS English 37 Total Questions
Conventions of Standard English 12 Questions
Knowledge of Language 11 Questions
Using Language and Vocab in Writing 10 Questions
Unscored Questions 4 Questions

Questions on the TEAS English and language usage test include filling in the blank with the proper word, identifying parts of speech, rewriting sentences for clarity, and evaluating which sentences are written correctly with punctuation and spelling.

If you want to prepare for this exam, consider using one of the best TEAS prep courses.

There are several topics that you can expect to see on the ATI TEAS English and language usage test. The main question structures you will see are fill-in-the-blank and sample sentences with questions asking you to identify certain things or say if they are correct.

The subjects of English covered are:

  • Conventions of English
    • Selecting the correct spelling of a word
    • Identifying the proper homophone or homograph
    • Finding the plural spelling of a singular word
    • Correcting punctuation in clauses and phrases
    • Knowing the correct punctuation for independent and dependent clauses
    • Choosing parts of speech
  • Knowledge of Grammar and Language Use
    • Agreement between pronouns and antecedents
    • Agreement of subjects and verbs
    • Consistent use of verb-tense
    • Use of transition words to properly link phrases and clauses
    • Identify informal and formal language
    • Use of context clues to understand slang and colloquial language
    • Follow the steps of the writing process—outlining, paragraph developing, and rewriting
  • Using Language and Vocabulary to Express Ideas in Writing
    • Common prefixes and suffixes
    • Common roots (especially for medical terminology)
    • Choosing the correct definition for a word from a sample dictionary entry
    • Use connotation skills to select the best synonym
    • Decide a word’s meaning from context clues and parts of speech

As you can see there may be quite a few terms or skills that you need to brush up on before you go to take the test, especially if you don’t understand any of those topics. Though it is only 37 questions long, a wide breadth of English topics are covered.

There is no standard passing score for the TEAS English test. Each nursing or health science school has its own minimum score for getting into the school, so the first thing you need to do is look into the school or schools you want to get into to find out what you need to score. 

A good score to aim for is 70-75% of all questions answered correctly. Most schools will require you to score that well, so if you keep that number in mind, you should be able to get into whichever school you want. This means you need to get at 26 of the 37 questions correct for a score of 70%.

The best thing you can do to feel prepared for the English TEAS test is to study as much as possible. One of the most used study methods is to take an online TEAS English practice test to prepare yourself for the exam.

TEAS English Study Tools

A practice English TEAS test is a great way to study because most practice tests are made of questions from previous versions of the TEAS English exam. Taking these can make you a more efficient studier and a quicker test taker.

By taking a TEAS English practice test, you become more familiar with the topics on the exam and how they are dispersed throughout the exam. You also learn what you need to brush up on and what topics appear the most, which is what you need to study the longest.

You can also familiarize yourself with the way that questions are structured, which can make it easier to know what the question is asking. The faster you do that, the more time you have to answer the question, which is important since you only have a minute per question. 

Another great way to study is by finding or making flashcards. The more you can familiarize yourself with the questions and topics covered on the exam. You can use a pen and paper or an online source. Just be able to take the flashcards with you to study in all your free time.

But, knowing that you are studying the most relevant information can be difficult when using flashcards. How can you be sure they are all correct, too?

The final study method that you can utilize is taking a prep course. In a prep course, the instructor is usually a seasoned professional who knows exactly what to study. They review with you and can provide you with resources to study, whether they give them to you in person or provide resources to purchase.

If you are looking to use a prep course before you take the English TEAS exam, you can use our #1 recommended TEAS prep course.

How do I improve my TEAS English skills?

The best ways to improve your TEAS English skills are to familiarize yourself with the topics covered on the test, questions that appear on the exam, and study the things that you aren’t as sure about.

You can use practice tests, a TEAS prep course, and flashcards to make sure that you are ready to take the test.

What is a good TEAS English score?

You should aim to get at least 26 of the 37 questions right on the TEAS English test. There is no official passing score for the exam but most schools want you to get at least 70-75% of the questions right.

How long is the TEAS English section?

There are 37 questions on the English TEAS exam that you have 37 minutes to answer. Meaning you have exactly one minute per question.