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TEAS Reading Practice Test

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If you are someone looking to enter the health science or nursing field, many schools specific to health science and nursing require the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) test, which includes the TEAS reading portion.

Knowing if your school requires it or not is important as the best way to study for the reading section of the exam is to take a TEAS reading practice test. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know going into the exam and how you can best prepare yourself for TEAS reading passages.

Summary: Use our TEAS reading test below to prepare for the reading portion of the exam. If you want help with other subjects, visit our TEAS test practice page.

Looking for an ATI TEAS reading practice test on your own can be difficult. A good practice test will be self-scoring and include detailed explanations for answers to best help you learn where you went wrong on the practice test. Our experts have curated a list of practice tests free for your use.

  1. TEAS Reading 1
  2. TEAS Reading 2
  3. TEAS Reading 3

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Prepare Now

The TEAS reading section has a total of 45 questions – only 39 of those questions will count towards your score. The 6 questions that are not scored are “experimental questions” used by ATI to improve their test.

You will have 55 minutes to complete this exam. Keep in mind that there are other sections on this exam. You can practice those other sections by visiting our TEAS practice questions page.

There are 45 questions included in the TEAS reading test. You are given 55 minutes to complete the exam which means you have a little more than one minute per question to select an answer.

However, there will be some unscored (6) questions amongst the 45 scored questions. You will not know which questions these are, though, so you need to be sure you are answering each one to the best of your abilities.

In the 45 questions you will answer, there will be questions about paragraph, passage, and informational source comprehension. This means you will be asked to read some sort of writing and analyze it to the best of your ability.

Subject + Sub-Topics # of Questions
TEAS Reading 45 Total Questions
Key Ideas and Details 15 Questions
Craft and Structure 9 Questions
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 15 Questions
Unscored Questions 6 Questions

There are numerous topics and skills covered on the TEAS exam that are mostly incorporated with TEAS reading passages. Those who take the test will need to be able to read long passages, analyze single paragraphs, and even break down to sentence structures.

The topics and skills you will see on the TEAS reading test include the following:

  • Key Ideas and Details – 15 scored questions
    • Be able to make a synopsis of a multi-paragraph passage
    • Make inferences and analyze the text for purpose and meaning
    • Comprehend written instructions
    • Demonstrate the ability to locate information in the text
    • Use graphs, charts, and other visual aids to analyze, interpret, and apply information
    • Put details into a sequence from TEAS reading passages
  • Craft and Structure – 9 scored questions
    • Differentiate between fact and opinion
    • Utilize context clues to determine the meaning of words and phrases
    • Understand the author’s purpose in a passage
    • Evaluate the point of view in the given text
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas – 15 scored questions
    • Compare and contrast themes across multiple TEAS reading passages
    • Determine how well-formulated an argument is
    • Use information from multiple sources to assess and integrate data

As you can see, you will be asked to complete multiple tasks relating to the TEAS reading passages as well as other information they provide you with on the TEAS reading test.

Though it seems daunting now, we have information to help you feel more comfortable on the TEAS reading exam.

Each school has its own requirements for what is considered passing the TEAS reading exam. The best thing you can do to know how well you need to score is to check with the school or schools that you are hoping to get into for their passing scores.

In general, you will likely need to get at least 70% of the questions answered correctly to pass the TEAS reading test. So, it is important that you score to the best of your abilities.

The best thing you can do to feel prepared for the exam is to study as much as you can. One of the most used methods of study is to take practice tests. We will outline the reasons why a reading practice TEAS test is one of the most useful study tools.

For more information on scores, read our TEAS scores guide.

TEAS Reading Study Tools

A TEAS reading practice test is such a great way to study thanks to the fact that most of the practice tests have questions that appeared on old versions of the exam. You familiarize yourself with the format of questions each time you take a reading practice TEAS test.

Since you are familiar with the questions, you will be able to answer quickly because you know what the question is asking quicker. An ATI TEAS reading practice test also allows you to get a better understanding of how the topics are dispersed through the exam.

This makes you a more efficient studier since you know what topics appear most on the exam while also familiarizing yourself with the format of those questions.

Another process you can use is creating or finding flashcards. There are multiple sites you can use to either make your own flashcards or to find ones that someone else made. You can also always use a pen and index cards. Be sure to take them with you at all times for the best studying habits.

Making flashcards and using them may be difficult without knowing which topics you need to study and how you need to study them. This is where the best TEAS test prep courses come into play.

A prep course is typically organized by someone who is a professional in the field, so they have the most vital information for you. They will likely hand out resources or give you a list of them that you can purchase for study methods.

You can use our recommended TEAS prep course when preparing for the TEAS reading test.

How do I improve my TEAS reading skills?

Taking TEAS reading practice tests, studying, and reviewing with a TEAS prep course are the best ways to improve your skills and feel prepared for the TEAS reading test. There are practice tests and other resources listed above in this article.

What is a good TEAS reading score?

There is no official passing score for the TEAS reading test or any portion of the TEAS test. The score you need to get is determined by the school or schools that you are applying to.

However, most require at least a score of 70% to be admitted, so that is a great score to aim for coming into the test.

How long is the TEAS reading section?

The TEAS reading section is 45 questions long and you are given 55 minutes to complete the exam.