TEAS Reading Practice Test

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Take our TEAS reading practice test to prepare for your upcoming exam. This section of the exam gives many students issues as there is a time limit.

Use our TEAS reading passages to get a better idea of what to expect when you take the actual exam.

Summary: Take our ATI TEAS reading practice test. If you want to work on a different subject, visit our TEAS practice test home for more exams.

TEAS Reading Practice Test

Take one of the three practice exams below. Make sure to review the answer explanations after answering the TEAS reading questions.

The answer explanations will help you better understand complex concepts and how you can do better for the actual exam.

TEAS Reading Prep

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If you feel comfortable with this section of the exam and want to practice other sections, visit our free TEAS practice test hub for more exams.

TEAS Reading Overview

TEAS reading is one of the sections you will need to take for the TEAS exam. There are 3 additional sections you will need to take as well. For the reading section, you can expect:

  1. 45 total questions
  2. 55 minutes to complete

The 45 questions are organized by category. The 4 different categories of questions are:

  1. Key Ideas and Details – 15 questions
  2. Craft & Structure – 9 questions
  3. Integration of Knowledge – 15 questions
  4. Unscored Questions – 6 questions

You are not deducted any points for wrong answers. You will also not know which questions are unscored, so try your best on all questions. To keep pace on this section, you will want to spend less than 60 seconds per question.

TEAS Reading Exam Overview
If you want to work on a different subject, visit our TEAS exam prep home to find additional practice exams for other subjects.

TEAS Reading FAQs

There are a total of 45 questions on TEAS reading. While there are 45 questions, only 39 are counted towards your score. You will not know which questions are unscored.

The TEAS reading section is 55 minutes long. You will want to answer each question in less than 73 seconds to keep pace on this section.

Each school establishes their own passing scores. After taking all 4 sections, you will be given a composite score. Most schools require a minimum score of between 65% and 75%.

You can read more about TEAS scores to learn more.

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