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To: Shawn Organ
From: Christine DelGandio
Subject: Request for additional headcount (accounts payable)

(Paragraph A)
(1) As we've discussed before, the amount of overtime in the accounting department continues to be over budget. (2) A new accounts payable clerk would greatly increase efficiency. (3) I believe that the excessive hours are negatively impacting productivity and employee morale. (4) After analyzing the situation for the past three months, I am recommending that we create a new headcount for an accounts payable clerk. (5) The long work hours seems to have created a hostile work environment. (6) There is little time for personal support and tempers are extremely short. (7) The accounting team no longer has an optimistic and positive view of their work or the company.

(Paragraph B)
(8) To make our commitments, the team spends an extraordinary amount of time performing manual data entry. (9) This works leaves very little time left for problem solving or creative brainstorming. (10) In my opinion, the company is not being helped by ignoring the creative talents of the team members.

(Paragraph C)
(11) I have attached a report for the last three months that details the hours worked, project statuses, and the costs. (12) Based on this data, I have projected how the costs will decrease with the addition of an accounts payable clerk. (13) The fully loaded costs of an accounts payable clerk is much less than the current overtime costs. (14) Can we discuss this position next week? (15) Please let me know if you have any questions.

What revision should be made to the placement of sentence 12?


Many nursing schools require candidates to take an entrance exam. Nursing programs are under extreme pressure to only admit the most qualified candidates because of accreditation requirements concerning retention, pass rates, and placement success. The TEAS test, also known as the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V), is a standardized entrance admissions test used by many nursing programs to assess the suitability of a candidate for admission. The TEAS V test is developed by ATI and is intended to be a predictor of a student's success in nursing school. The TEAS test assesses a nursing candidate's skills in reading, math, science and English and language usage.

The TEAS test is a multiple choice exam that contains four sections. The overall test contains 170 questions and has a three hour and 29 minute (209 minute) time limit. Of the 170 total questions, 20 questions are used for internal testing purposes and not scored.

The best way to prepare for a standardized admissions test such as the TEAS is to take plenty of practice tests. Good Luck!


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