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Texas GED Exam Overview

If you want to earn your Texas GED, you will need to pass all 4 subject exams on the GED. Our team reviews the specifics for the exam in the state of Texas.

A GED serves as an alternative to a high school diploma. It is equivalent to a diploma and can be used for future employment, college, and other things that may require a high school diploma or equivalent.

The requirements to earn your GED are relatively similar in each state, but they can vary slightly. Learn the specific Texas GED requirements below so you can be prepared to sit for your exam.

Summary: Find out how to get your GED in Texas. For help studying, visit our GED practice test hub.

Texas GED

To earn your GED in Texas, you will need to take and pass all 4 subject exams. Those subject exams and time limits are:

  1. Mathematical Reasoning – 115 Minutes
  2. Reasoning Through Language Arts – 150 Minutes
  3. Social Studies – 70 Minutes
  4. Science – 90 Minutes

The exam is unique in that each subject is scored separately. The subjects are scored on a scale from 100-200. You will need to score 145+ on each subject to earn your GED.

Can You Take the GED Test Online in Texas?

As of September 2021, you are able to take the GED test online in Texas. The exam will still need to be scheduled and will be taken in a proctored environment online.

In the state of Texas, if you want to take the exam online, you will need to take the GED Ready exam beforehand. This is a pre-test in which you will need to achieve a certain score before you can take the actual exam online.

You can learn more about the GED Ready in the requirements section below.

What are the Fees for the Texas GED?

Unfortunately, you will need to pay some fees to earn your GED in the state of Texas. The fees associated with the exam are:

  • In-Person Texas Fees – $36.25 per subject
  • Online Texas Fees – $42.25 per subject

If you will need to retake a subject exam, you will have to pay $16.25 per subject (in-person) or $42.25 per subject (online).

Texas GED Requirements

You can find the specific requirements for the GED in Texas below.


  • You must be 18 years or older to take the GED in Texas.
  • If you are 17, you can take the GED as long as you have parental or guardian permission.
  • If you are 16, you can take the GED if you are in the care of a state agency or under a court order.


  • You must be a resident of the state of Texas. You can prove residency by providing a drivers license or other proof of residency like a passport or bill from a company with your address.

Non-High School Status

  • You must not currently be enrolled in high school.
  • You must not have graduated from high school.

GED Ready Test

This is an exam offered by GED testing services. The exam serves as a way to ensure individuals are ready for the actual exam. More information on GED Ready.

  • If you are taking the exam in-person, you will not need to take the GED Ready.
  • If you are taking the exam online, you will need to take the GED Ready and receive a score of “green” on the pre-test before you can take the exam online.

How to Get a GED in Texas

  1. Review eligibility – Make sure you are eligible to take the GED by reviewing the requirements above.
  2. Practice for the exam – Preparing for the exam is very important, especially for individuals who have been out of school for a while. You can use our free GED practice exams to prepare.
  3. Register for the exam – Decide how you will be taking the exam (online or in-person). If you will be taking the exam online, you will need to take the GED Ready exam beforehand.
  4. Pass the exam – The last step is to take and pass the exam. Achieve a score of 145+ on each subject and you will have your GED in Texas.

Texas GED Testing Centers

If you will be taking the exam in-person, you will need to take the exam at a testing center. You will be able to choose the location of your testing center when you sign up. There are testing centers all over the state. You can find and review testing centers in Texas by visiting this link.

Texas GED Practice Test

Using practice exams is a great way to get a better idea of what to expect on the actual exam while also learning important concepts and topics. The subjects tested on the GED in Texas are the same as the other states, so you can use our GED practice test hub to prepare.

GED Texas FAQs

If you are taking the test in-person, you can take the exam 3 times with no waiting period. After 3 attempts, you will have to wait 60 days before you can take the exam again. There is not a limit for the number of times you can test in a year.

If you are taking the exam online, you can take the exam 1 more time without a waiting period. After 2 attempts, you will need to have 60 days before being able to take the exam again.

It will cost $36.25 per subject (in-person) and $42.245 per subject (online).

Yes, residency is required. You can provide proof of residency by showing your drivers license, passport, or a bill with your address on it.

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