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What is a Good LSAT Score?

Are you curious about what a good LSAT score is? A good LSAT score is a score of 163+. This would put you in the 80th percentile.

Being in the 80th percentile will give you a good shot at getting into law school.

However, a good LSAT score will be different for everyone based on their specific goals. Students who want to get into top ranked law schools will need to score higher than 163.

 Average Score for Some Law SchoolsAverage Score for Most Law SchoolsAverage Score for Top Law Schools
Percentile Rank64th Percentile80th+ Percentile97th+ Percentile
Total LSAT Score155163172

Summary: A good LSAT score is anything above 163. If you want to get into a top law school, you should be shooting for a high LSAT score of 172+.

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How is the LSAT Scored?

It is important to understand how the LSAT is scored when trying to understand what a good LSAT score is.

There are 5 total sections on the exam. 3 of them are scored and 2 of them are not scored.

  1. Logical Reasoning (33% of Total Score)
  2. Analytical Reasoning (31% of Total Score)
  3. Reading Comprehension (36% of Total Score)
  4. Variable Section (Not Scored)
  5. Writing Sample (Not Scored)

While the writing sample is not scored, it is still an important factor in the admissions process. Law schools will use the writing sample when reviewing law school applicants.

LSAT Score Range

The LSAT score range is 120-180. This is also referred to as your scaled score. You will find that there are 3 different types of scores:

  • Raw Score: This is the number of questions answered correctly. If you answered 45 questions correctly, your raw score would be 45. Keep in mind that there are around 100 total questions on the LSAT.
  • Scaled Score: This is the most typical score and what people think of. This score ranges from 120 to 180. Law schools will use the scaled score when evaluating your score.
  • Percentile Score: This shows how you did when compared to other test takers. If you have a percentile score of 60%, that means you scored better than 60% of other test-takers.

Average LSAT Score

According to the Law School Admissions Council, the average LSAT score is 152. This does vary from year to year, but it is usually right around there.

To get a 152, you will need to answer around 60 questions correctly. Keep in mind, this is just the median LSAT score – if you want to ensure you get accepted into a program, you will want to score higher than this.

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LSAT Percentiles

We can learn more about scores by looking at LSAT percentiles. A percentile score will tell you how you did when compared to others. A percentile score of 60% means you scored better than 60% of other test-takers.

These percentiles are taken from the last 3 years of test-takers.

LSAT Scaled ScoreApproximate Percentile

Source LSAT Scores Breakdown

LSAT Score Band

Since LSAT scores are technically estimates of your proficiency in the skills that are tested on the LSAT, you will be placed in a LSAT score band.

LSAT score bands are a range of scores. The score bands will be slightly higher and slightly lower than the score that you received.

If you scored a 155, your LSAT score band would be 152 to 158. The LSAT score band is calculated using the standard error of measurement. The standard error used for the LSAT is about 2.6 scaled score points.

You can find your LSAT score band by adding and subtracting 2.6 to your scaled score. This makes the LSAT score band about 7 scaled-score points. The LSAC uses this method and it provides a 68% confidence level.

When Will I Get My LSAT Score?

The Law School Admission Test schedules specific dates for scores to be released. You will know this date before you take your exam. The score release date is usually about 20 days after the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

A LSAT score is valid for up to 5 years after you have taken the test.

The highest possible LSAT score you can receive is 180. Keep in mind this is very rare.

Students who score a 175 will find themselves in the 99th percentile of LSAT scorers.

Students who receive a score in the 99th percentile should be able to attend any program of their choosing.

The average LSAT score is typically 152. This will change every year as it based on the different test-takers and what they are scoring.

A 150 on the LSAT is slightly below average. A score of 150 puts you in the 44th percentile.

A 170 on the LSAT is very good. This score puts you in the 97th percentile and gives you a good chance when applying to top-tier law schools.

Morgan Galloway-Daly
Morgan Galloway Daly, J.D. has her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University and is our LSAT expert.