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Amazon Assessment Test

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This article is going to dive deep into the Amazon Assessment Test and shed some light on the details of what makes it unique. More importantly, you’ll learn how to pass it!

Amazon has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world. As a result, they will be looking to hire a large number of employees. They have made the hiring process much more selective though.

Amazon’s hiring process is quite extensive now and includes an Amazon Assessment Test. The details of that test are entirely dependent on the job so this will be an extensive article that looks at several of the different tests.

Like all tests, applicants will need to be prepared in order to get a high enough score to make the short list of candidates.

Summary: Learn about the Amazon Assessment Test and find resources to help you pass below.

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Amazon Assessment Test Breakdown

Amazon applicants are given an online test that is designed as part of the overall hiring process. While they don’t base everything on this test, scoring high will get students into the short list of applications.

Job applicants must pass an initial resume screening before they are invited to take this test. The skills and knowledge being assessed are going to be much different depending on the job. Some skills that are assessed include personality, coding, and making work decisions.

According to a number of data sources, including Job Test Prep, Amazon rejects 70% of applications based on the Amazon Assessment Test.

Now let’s take a closer look at the different tests that applicants can expect.

Breakdown of the Amazon Assessment Test

Amazon SDE Assessment Test

This one will test coding knowledge and behavior to align with Amazon’s SDE requirements. All applicants will be required to take this test, including interns and new graduates. However, individuals with high experience might receive a different test.

Interns and new graduates should expect to have their coding knowledge, personality, and technical troubleshooting all tested.

More experienced individuals might not have to answer as many skill-related questions. Their assessment will be more work style and personality related.

It’s worth noting that Amazon emphasizes its leadership principles and has them all listed for convenience. Although they don’t really tell us the exact nature of their testing analytical process, we can safely assume that they base personality and behavioral answers around these principles.

Amazon Maintenance Technician Test

This is a mechanical and electrical test administered to applicants who apply to maintenance jobs at Amazon. There are several topics that will be tested using this exam. Here is a list:

  • Reading Complex Print
  • Preventative Maintenance and Power Transmission
  • Materials, Equipment, and Tools used in Maintenance, including Test Instruments
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Electrical Theories
  • Control Circuit Knowledge

Amazon Assessment Test for Managers

This is also known as the Manager in Operations Virtual Job Tryout and is a 45-minute test that includes five areas that are important to Amazon managers.

Amazon will always interview applicants of management positions and this interview prioritizes behavioral analysis. Applicants are highly encouraged to study Amazon’s leadership principles in order to prepare for this specific test.

With that said, here are some of the other areas that are tested:

  • Situational Job Scenarios: Applicants will answer questions by ranking answers in order of “most likely” to “least likely.”
  • Daily Management: List certain tasks and activities based on their level of urgency.
  • Running an Area: Applicants are provided data reports and must answer questions based on those reports.
  • Background and Experience: Applicants are asked to write a paragraph or two about their own background and experience.
  • Personality Assessment: This is part of the test where applicants will describe their approach by choosing a statement that sounds the most like them.

Amazon Excel Test for Financial Analysts

Individuals who apply for a financial analyst position at Amazon will have to take this test as part of the application process. This is a one-hour Excel test that also gauges behavior and case-study reviews.

Amazon’s Excel Exam tests an applicant’s mastery of Excel. Most of the questions on this test will be highly advanced and requires applicants to have a deep understanding of this software.

Expect macro creation, advanced properties, formatting, and advanced formula creation will all be tested. It’s also recommended that applicants prepare to answer questions about their behavior and personality.

Amazon will also do what’s called a case study interview where they give applicants a complex case study along-side of a realistic work scenario and then ask them to describe their resolution. They’re also required to explain their thought process.

Applicants will have to score high on this test in order to qualify since there are a lot of people who apply for these positions.

Amazon Assessment Test for Warehouse Associates

Warehouse workers are also required to take a test during the application process. This one is even given a fancy, fun name – Amazon Associate Game On Virtual Tryout.

There are just two sections on this test. The first is called “Tell us your Story.” Applicants are presented with 22 multiple choice questions that are designed to gauge experience, background, and approach to specific scenarios.

The second section is called “Stow Pro” in which applicants will play a series of three games where they are a warehouse associate. These games follow the same rules as the real warehouse. Applicants must place virtual items into shopping bags, aisles, and shelves.

How the Amazon Assessment Test is Scored

Each test will score responses differently based on the type of questions. Since some sections are designed to gauge how an applicant will react given specific situations, they won’t have a standardized scoring system. Those tests go through an analytical system designed by Amazon.

With that said, questions that have correct and incorrect answers will have a standardized score that’s based on the number of correct answers to total questions (i.e. 21/25).

Hiring managers will then use these results to determine who to hire for the position.

Amazon Assessment Test Requirements

The Amazon Assessment Test is given to individuals who are applying for a job. The exact test that’s administered is based on the department. Certain prerequisites are highly encouraged before even applying to an Amazon job so that applicants come in fully prepared.

The hiring process follows a streamlined approach that starts with an initial screening and then moves onto testing. Interviews are usually under an hour and depending on the job, there might be multiple interviews.

Amazon has carefully designed this whole process with the goal of determining whether or not the applicant is a good match for their company. Therefore, applicants must understand the principles that Amazon values. They look for the following:

  • Is the applicant customer-oriented?
  • Does the applicant take ownership of their actions? Especially when they make a mistake.
  • How does the applicant look at the big picture?
  • Are they action-oriented?
  • How does the applicant act under pressure?

Preparation will always be oriented with the goal of understanding Amazon’s customer mission. They expect applicants to take the time to research this before testing.

Amazon Hiring Process

Amazon’s hiring process always begins with an application screening to determine the aptitude of a candidate. Then comes the standard vetting process that all companies follow through with. Testing is just one of the many parts of this overall process.

Again, unlike traditional tests that we’re used to seeing in academic institutions, many of Amazon’s assessment questions don’t have a “right” or a “wrong” answer. They are used to gauge an individual’s attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Amazon and the application process.

The main thing that Amazon wants to know is whether you have the skillset and attitude to deal with problems related to the job. Coding experts are not just expected to understand coding, but they must be able to identify and solve potential issues related to coding.

Amazon also loves analytics so applicants in most departments will be tested on data structures, graphs, lists, queues, and other data-related processes. Everything in Amazon’s business model is based on algorithms.

The best approach is to imagine that you were given the job you’ve applied to and then answer questions with the mindset of already being hired.

Passing Amazon’s Assessment Test will require you to have a firm understanding of Amazon’s major principles. They expect all associates to follow them.

You should expect questions to be directly or indirectly related to each of those principles. Amazon is also known for its ability to adapt quickly to changes in the industry, so minor details of this assessment will change over time.

Another expectation is Amazon’s love for analytics so you will get a lot of data-driven questions. Unprepared applicants will have trouble with this portion of the test.

Final Thoughts

The Amazon Assessment Test presents an untraditional approach to the hiring process so it’s essential that applicants prepare thoroughly for this.

Once again, the biggest point will be to study Amazon’s principles while also being prepared for data-driven questions.

Gianni Evangelisti
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