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ASVAB Auto Shop Practice Test

Taking our ASVAB auto and shop practice test will help you best prepare for your exam. Our practice questions include detailed answer explanations to help you succeed and pass every section.

Knowing what to expect before taking the actual exam is a great way to ensure you are fully prepared, regardless of your current level of knowledge about automobiles and engines.

Summary: Answer the ASVAB auto and shop questions below. You can prepare for other sections of the exam by visiting our free ASVAB practice test home.

Our team created 2 ASVAB auto and shop quizzes for you. Take each one below and see how you do. Remember to take your time, and focus on one question at a time – that’s how you’ll retain the most knowledge.

Make sure to review your answer explanations at the end of each exam, as these will help you better understand the content and how to solve the problems.

You can also prepare for all the sections on the ASVAB at once when you visit our free ASVAB practice test home.

This section is unique because on the electronic version of the exam, auto information (AI) and shop information (SI) are two separate sections.

However, on the pencil-and-paper test, they will appear together as one section.

You can expect the following on the computer version of the ASVAB auto exam:

  • 10 questions
  • 7-minute time limit

You can expect the following on the computer version of the ASVAB shop exam:

  • 10 questions
  • 6-minute time limit

You can expect the following on the paper and pencil version of the ASVAB auto and shop exam:

  • 25 questions
  • 11-minute time limit

Some topics you can expect to be quizzed on (in both the auto and shop sections) include:

  • Automobile technology
  • Basic auto repairs
  • Auto shop tools
  • Basic engine function and components
  • Auto electric systems
  • How to identify and fix malfunctions
  • Transmission, brakes, steering, and ignition function

ASVAB Auto and Shop Overview

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If you have taken the practice exams above and feel comfortable, start practicing other sections by visiting our ASVAB practice test home.

How many questions are on the auto and shop portion of the exam?

On the computerized exam, there are 10 questions on the auto portion and 10 on the shop portion, for a total of 20 questions. There are a total of 25 questions on the pencil-and-paper exam.

How much time will I have to complete the auto and shop portion of the exam?

You will have 7 minutes to complete the computer-adaptive version of the auto exam, and 6 minutes for the shop exam. On the pencil-and-paper version, you’ll have 11 minutes to complete the section.

What topics are tested on the ASVAB Auto and Shop section?

The main ASVAB auto and shop questions will test your knowledge of how engines function and run. You will need to understand how to fix mechanical problems in an automobile, and understand how they work, including the brakes, transmission, steering, and ignition.