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ASVAB Electronics Information Practice Test

Our ASVAB electronics information practice test will help you prepare for your upcoming exam.

Students who are familiar with what to expect will tend to receive better scores and be more prepared on test day.

Summary: Answer the ASVAB Electronics Information questions below. To focus on other subjects, visit our free ASVAB practice test home.

Our team assembled 2 ASVAB electronics information quizzes for you. Take each one below and see how you do.

Understanding the flow and rhythm of the exam is half the battle. Review the answer explanations at the end of each exam to better understand complex concepts.

Comfortable with the electronics information section? Study for other sections by visiting our ASVAB practice test home.

All sections on the ASVAB serve an important purpose. You will want to do well on all of them.

You can expect the following on the computer version of the ASVAB for electronics information:

  • 15 questions
  • 10-minute time limit

You can expect the following on the paper and pencil version of the ASVAB for electronics information:

  • 20 questions
  • 9-minute time limit

Some topics you can expect to be quizzed on include:

  • Flowing electrons
  • Circuits
    • Open and closed circuits
    • Load
    • Voltage
    • Series circuit
    • Parallel circuit
  • Electrical power
    • Units of measurement
  • Subatomic particles
    • Protons, electrons, neutrons
  • Currents
  • Magnetism

ASVAB Electronics Information Overview

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Study for other sections by visiting our free ASVAB practice test home.

How many questions are on the electronics information portion of the exam?

There are 15 questions on the computer-adaptive version and 20 questions on the pencil-and-paper version of the ASVAB Electronics Information exam.

How much time will I have to complete the Electronics Information portion of the exam?

You will have 10 minutes to complete the computer-adaptive version of the electronics information ASVAB, while you are given 9 minutes on the pencil-and-paper version.

What topics are tested on the ASVAB electronics information section?

The main ASVAB electronics information questions you’ll be tested on are how electrical currents function. This includes topics such as circuits, voltage, units of electrical measurement, and magnetism.