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BoostPrep TEAS Review

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We took a deep-dive into BoostPrep’s TEAS prep course to give you an in-depth look into the course. Read about our findings in our BoostPrep TEAS review below.

BoostPrep specializes in offering test prep in the nursing and medical field. We wanted to take a look at their TEAS course to see how it stacked up against the other providers.

BoostPrep TEAS Prep Options

BoostPrep TEAS Core BoostPrep TEAS Pro

One of Our Picks TG Recommended TG Recommended
Pricing $49 $59
Subscription Length 6 Months 6 Months
Guarantee 100% Pass Guarantee 100% Pass Guarantee
Practice Questions 500+ 1,350+
Full-Length Practice Exams 8 20
Timed Practice Tests Yes Yes
Automatic Scoring Yes Yes
Study Guides Yes Yes
Best Feature Combination of Study Guides and Practice Tests Combination of Study Guides and Practice Tests
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BoostPrep keeps it very simple when it comes to their TEAS options. They have 2 offerings and that is it. We like that they keep it simple. It makes it very easy to know what you are getting.

We will be taking a deeper look into what is exactly included in the BoostPrep TEAS course below. After going over what is included, we will be looking at some of the specific features within the course.

You can find actual screenshots from the course posted below.

If you are looking for some free prep materials before making a purchase, consider using our TEAS practice test to prepare.

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Score: 95


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Overview of Options

BoostPrep offers 2 main options:

  1. TEAS Core Course: $49
  2. TEAS Pro Course: $59

The only difference between these 2 options is that the Pro Course includes 20 full-length practice exams and 1,350+ practice questions.

The Core Course only includes 8 full-length practice exams and 500+ practice questions.

You will first recognize the pricing on these courses (between $49 and $59) – this is significantly less than other courses we reviewed on our best TEAS prep courses article.

This pricing model is also rare in the nursing test prep industry. Almost every provider follows a monthly subscription model. BoostPrep does not and we really liked this.

The BoostPrep TEAS course covers all subjects tested on the actual exam which includes:

  1. TEAS Math
  2. TEAS Science
  3. TEAS English and Language Usage
  4. TEAS Reading

All of the learning materials are 100% online and can be accessed immediately after purchasing the course. Students will learn primarily through detailed lessons and study guides.

The lessons contain graphics and in-depth notes and examples to help you with challenging topics.

You will get access to the course for 6 months. One of the best features of this course is the 100% pass guarantee.

If you do not pass your exam, you will receive a full refund. This 100% guarantee is very rare and shows how confident they are in their course.

Bottom Line: You will not find a better price when it comes to preparing for the TEAS exam. Pair that with the number of practice exams and questions, and the 100% pass guarantee, and you have a great prep course.

BoostPrep TEAS Review

Our team wanted to give you a better idea of what to expect before you purchase anything. Part of this BoostPrep TEAS review includes us capturing screenshots from the actual course and giving you a better idea of some of the features you can expect within the course.


You will be spending a lot of time on your dashboard. The dashboard serves as “homebase.” You will be able to navigate to any part of the course right from your dashboard.

You will see several cards on your dashboard. Each card represents a different part of your BoostPrep TEAS course. Those cards include:

  1. How to Use Your TEAS Prep Course
  2. TEAS Math
  3. TEAS English and Language Usage
  4. TEAS Science
  5. TEAS Reading
  6. TEAS Practice Exam 1
  7. TEAS Practice Exam 2
  8. TEAS Practice Exam 3
  9. TEAS Practice Exam 4
  10. TEAS Practice Exam 5

By clicking on one of the cards, you will be taken to a specific part of the course where you can find lessons, topics, quizzes, and full-length practice exams.

You will also see a sidebar on the left-hand side that is a nice feature. This sidebar allows you to easily navigate to various parts of the course, without having to search for things.

BoostPrep TEAS Dashboard Example


BoostPrep follows a very simple system that is easy for students to follow. The system includes a hierarchy:

  1. Courses (Math, Science, Reading, and English/Language Usage)
  2. Lessons
  3. Topics

Students will choose which course they want to work on. For example, let’s say you wanted to study math. You would enter the TEAS Math course.

BoostPrep TEAS Lesson Example

Within that course, you will find various lessons and topics. An example lesson would be “Working With Negative Numbers” (see image above).

Within that lesson, you will find various topics that further breakdown that lesson. The topics are short and sweet and help make studying a little less overwhelming. We really like how everything is split up and organized in this course.

All of the learning materials consist of detailed notes, examples, diagrams, and lists. You will find various quizzes as you progress through lessons and topics – these are nice because you can determine if you grasped the concept that was just taught.

BoostPrep TEAS Topic Example

Full-Length Practice Exams

One of the best features of this course is the full-length practice exams. The practice exams are timed and have the same number of questions as the actual exam.

The system used by BoostPrep allows you to skip questions and mark certain questions for review – this is nice as it helps with the timing aspect of the exam. The time limit is clearly marked at the top and can be seen throughout the whole practice exam.

The BoostPrep TEAS course (Pro version) includes 20 full-length practice exams (5 per subject). BoostPrep recommends taking 1 practice exam for each subject before you begin your studies – they say that this is to get a baseline.

However, you can take the exams whenever you want and as many times as you want.

Detailed Answer Explanations

BoostPrep does a really good job of giving detailed answer explanations. Students can use these answer explanations to learn why their answer choice was incorrect.

The answer explanations are honestly a great way to learn the material. We took a practice exam and were able to use the answer explanations to figure out how to solve the problems.

You can review the answer explanations immediately after taking the exams or at a later point in time. You can click the “course statistics” link in the sidebar which is where you can review all of your answers and answer explanations from previous quizzes and exams.

BoostPrep TEAS Answer Explanation Example

Score Reports

We touched on this briefly in the section above. You can access all of your score reports by visiting the “course statistics” section of the course (this can be found in the left-hand sidebar).

In this section of the course, you can review every single practice questions, quiz, and exam you have taken within the course. You will see if you answered the question correctly, how long it took you to answer the question, and the answer explanation.

You will also be able to see some more in-depth details like the category that the question falls under – this is helpful for students who may want to narrow down their studies to specific subjects or topics.

BoostPrep TEAS Course Statistics Example

TG Recommended

BoostPrep Logo

Score: 95

Why Choose BoostPrep TEAS

Frequently Asked Questions

BoostPrep is 100% legitimate. We went into the course ourselves and were very impressed. Everything from the user interface to the actual course content was very thought out.

BoostPrep charges $49 for their TEAS prep course. The course is a one-time payment (no monthly subscription). Students will have access to the course for 6 months.

There are a total of 20 full-length practice exams in the BoostPrep TEAS course. Each exam is timed and includes detailed answer explanations.

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