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CDL Doubles and Triples Practice Test

Take a CDL doubles and triples practice test to prepare for your upcoming exam. Our exams are completely free and were adapted from the CDL handbook.

We cover topics that you will be tested on for the doubles and triples endorsement. Use our answer explanations to learn key concepts and better prepare.

Summary: Answer the doubles and triples questions below. For help with other portions of the exam, visit our CDL driving test home.

CDL Doubles and Triples Practice Test

Take our CDL doubles and triples test below. You will find 2 different exams.

Make sure to review the detailed answer explanations at the end of each exam to better understand key concepts.

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CDL Doubles and Triples Test Overview

The doubles and triples endorsement is for individuals who will be operating a semi-truck with multiple trailers attached – this endorsement is a great way to increase your truck driver salary.

The endorsement is very popular amongst truck drivers. Having this endorsement makes you a great candidate to work for trucking companies.

The doubles and triples endorsement exam will vary from state to state but you can expect to find the following:

  1. 20 total questions
  2. Multiple-choice format
  3. 80% or higher to pass the exam

You can expect to be tested on the following topics when taking the doubles and triples test:

  1. Coupling and uncoupling trailers
  2. Pulling double and triple trailers
  3. Doubles and triples air brake checks
  4. Inspections

To take the doubles and triples endorsement test, you will need to have your CDL. There are some states that let you earn this endorsement along with your CDL license, but that is not very common.

To prepare for you CDL, visit our CDL test home to find practice exams to help you out.

Keep in mind that the exam slightly varies from state to state.

CDL Doubles and Triples Exam Overview
Doubles and Triples Test FAQs

Yes, you will need your CDL before earning the doubles and triples endorsement. Some states will allow you to earn them simultaneously, but this is not the case for many states.

One of the best ways to prepare is by using a CDL doubles and triples practice test. A practice test will help you become more familiar with the exam while also helping you learn important concepts.

It varies depending on your state, but you can generally expect to find 20 questions. These questions will be in multiple-choice format.

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