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CDL Passenger Practice Test

Use our CDL passenger practice test to prepare for your upcoming exam. Our questions were developed from the actual CDL manual and include topics and concepts you may be tested on.

We also have detailed answer explanations to help you better understand difficult topics. You will find those explanations at the end of each exam.

Summary: Answer the CDL passenger practice questions below. For practice with other CDL endorsements, visit our CDL prep home.

CDL Passenger Practice Test

Find 2 different exams below. Each exam includes questions developed straight from the CDL manual.

Make sure to review the answer explanations at the end of each exam. These explanations will help you understand why an answer was correct or incorrect.

Taking another endorsement test? Find additional practice exams by visiting our CDL practice exam home.

CDL Passenger Test Overview

This endorsement sometimes can get confused with the school bus endorsement test. However, this endorsement is for individuals who will be transporting passengers via taxis, service buses, airport shuttles, and other transportation vehicles.

Please note, you will need to have your CDL license before earning this endorsement.

The CDL passenger endorsement exam consists of 2 portions:

  1. Written test
  2. Skills (road) test

The written test will vary from state to state but you can expect to find the following when taking it:

  1. 20 questions
  2. Multiple-choice format
  3. 80% or higher needed to pass

You can expect to be tested on the following concepts when taking the written test:

  1. Vehicle inspection
  2. Loading and trip start
  3. On the road
  4. After-trip vehicle inspection
  5. Prohibited practices
  6. Use of brake-door interlocks

Keep in mind that the exam slightly varies from state to state, but the general concepts are the same.

CDL Passenger Exam Overview

For help preparing for your CDL, which you will need before earning the passenger endorsement, take our CDL general practice test.

CDL Passenger Endorsement FAQs

No, you will need to earn your CDL first. After earning your CDL, you can earn your passenger endorsement.

The number of questions on the exam varies state by state, but you can generally expect to find about 20 questions. You will need to score 80% or higher to pass the exam.

Yes, you can expect to find a skills (road) test for this endorsement. This is why you need to have your CDL license before earning this endorsement.

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