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CDL Tanker Practice Test

Prepare for your tanker endorsement test with our CDL tanker practice test.

Our practice exam was developed straight from the CDL manual and includes detailed questions and answer explanations to help you pass the first time.

Summary: Take the tanker endorsement practice test below. If you want to practice other endorsement exams, visit our CDL practice test hub to find those.

Take one of the practice exams below. You can implement these exams into your tanker endorsement study guide to help supplement your material and ensure you are learning complex concepts.

Make sure to review the answer explanations at the end of each exam as well.

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The tanker endorsement test is needed for any individual who intends to transport 1,000+ gallons of liquid or gas (non-hazardous). This endorsement can be applied to all classes of the CDL license.

The CDL tanker endorsement varies from state to state but it generally follows the same format:

  1. 20 questions
  2. Multiple-choice questions
  3. 80% or higher needed to pass

Some states may have a different number of questions, but most states have about 20 multiple-choice questions.

You can expect to find the following topics when taking your CDL tanker test:

  1. Inspecting tank vehicles
  2. Driving tank vehicles
  3. Safe driving rules

Each of those topics is broken down even further. View the graphic below for a breakdown.

CDL Tanker Exam Overview

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How many questions are on the tanker endorsement test?

The number of questions will depend on your specific state. You can expect to find about 20 questions. These questions will be multiple-choice format.

Do I need my tanker endorsement?

You will need a tanker endorsement if you intend on transporting 1,000+ gallons of liquid or gas.

How can I prepare for the CDL tanker test?

One of the best ways to prepare for this exam is by taking a tanker endorsement test online. You can take one of our practice exams above.

A practice exam will help you become more comfortable with both the questions and the format. Review the answer explanations at the end to learn important concepts.