GED CoursesThe GED tests evaluate your academic abilities in math, science, social studies, reading and writing.  The intent of the GED exams are to compare your knowledge to those of a recent high school graduate.  Although some students are able to take and pass the GED tests without studying or preparation, the vast majority of GED test takers look to GED courses to help them pass the exam.

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Most GED test takers choose one or more of the following categories of study to help them prepare for their GED tests:

  • Classroom Education - Students who have the time and money often find classroom based GED preparation courses very beneficial.
  • Home Study - GED preparation at home can take many forms including GED study guides or GED classes on the TV.
  • Online - Online preparation for the GED exams can vary from online practice tests, to study guides, to full fledged online courses.

These different options are described below:

GED Classes

GED preparation classes are good study options for students who need more formal education or require one on one tutoring.  Students who have reading difficulties or are weak in math can find the classroom education to be extremely helpful.  GED preparation classes are offered by a variety of organizations, including: community colleges, adult education organizations, literacy organizations, and local high schools.  In many cases, these GED classes are offered free of charge.  The resources below can help you locate GED classes in your area:

GED Information By State -'s directory of specific information for your state

America's Literacy Directory - A directory of programs that offer GED classes.  Maintained by the National Institute for Literacy

GED Preparation Contacts by State - The GED Testing Service's directory of GED educational contacts

GED Study at Home

Studying for the GED at home is a good option for students that are comfortable with their knowledge of the GED subjects or students who have the discipline to learn on their own.  The two main ways to prepare for the GED at home are GED preparation books/study guides or via educational videos. recommends the following GED study guides:

Educational Videos - GED Connection is an integrated GED preparation program that combines video lessons with online resources, practice tests and workbooks.  GED connection was developed by PBS Literacy Link and KET (Kentucky Educational Television).

GED Online Courses

GED Online Preparation can take many forms - from free practice tests, to flash cards, to complete online courses.  Many students find studying for the GED online to be a convenient form of study.  Online preparation for the GED offers many advantages over classroom education or traditional home study.  These benefits include:

  • Convenience - Most online GED courses are self-paced and can be taken at any time of the day or night.  Students find this "anytime learning" to be more convenient than traditional classroom education.
  • Interactivity - Online GED resources are often more interactive than traditional books.  For example, online practice tests offer automated, immediate scoring.
  • Cost - Many free online GED resources are available recommends the following online courses for your GED preparation:

KET's Literacy Link - GED Educational Program that combines video, internet and print materials.

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