Students who need their General Education Development (GED) diploma often want to know if they can get a GED online or take the GED from home.  To better understand the issue, you need to understand the background and purpose of the GED.

There are 5 subjects that are covered on the GED exam.  The purpose of the GED exam is to assess whether a student has the academic skills of a typical high school student.  Passing the GED requires that a student score higher than sixty percent of the high school seniors who are graduating across the country.

When you pass the GED test you are given a certificate that states that you have met the “General Education Development” scoring requirements.  Different states and jurisdictions may have slightly different requirements such as English proficiency exams or civics exams.  The American Council on Education is the exclusive developer of the GED test.

Although the test was originally developed for veterans returning after World War II, today’s students need the test for a variety of reasons.  Students want a GED today for reasons such as: immigrating to the US; leaving school because of pregnancy, personal issues or the need to work; didn’t pass required courses or tests; or just a lack of interest.

Millions of people have been granted a GED credential over the last sixty years.  In fact, nearly one in seven US citizens with a high school credential have received it via a GED certification.

Test Administration – Get Your GED online?

So the real question is – Can you GET your GED online?  The answer is NO!  The GED test must be taken at a local GED testing center.  There are currently over 3,000 official test centers throughout the US and Canada.  At the test centers, the testing is very controlled with strict security measures.  You are restricted in what you can bring into the test center.  There are also over 2 dozen versions of the test in circulation to discourage cheating on the exam.

The GED exams are also offered in different languages and formats.  For example, the GED is offered in Spanish, French and Braille versions.  Students may also be able to take the exam outside of the US and Canada via private testing centers.

While you can not get a GED online, you can certainly study for the GED on the internet.  The internet has several printable GED practice tests and free practice GED tests to help you study and pass the GED.