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How to Get Your GED Online

Many individuals are curious if they can earn their GED online. It can be very time consuming to find a testing center, schedule an appointment in-person, and go to the exam center.

We will review how to get your GED online. Make sure you pay special attention to the requirements and ensure that you meet all the criteria.

Summary: Find out how you can earn your GED in an online setting. If you want to start practicing, use our free GED practice test.

Can you Take the GED Test Online?

In the past, the GED was only offered in-person via various testing centers. However, in the last couple of years, the GED has been made available online. 

Individuals who wish to take the exam online can now do so from the comfort of their own homes. There are a couple of requirements and boxes that need to be checked before the exam can be taken online. 

Most states allow the exam to be taken online, but some states still do not allow it. You can review our GED requirements guide to see if your state allows the online exam.

You will still need to schedule your online GED with the official GED provider. You can do so by visiting the GED online testing home.

Steps to Get Your GED Online

There are some steps you will need to take before taking your exam online. We have outlined those steps below. Please note, some steps may slightly vary depending on your state.

#1 Conduct a Test of Your Equipment

You will need to perform a systems test to ensure that your computer, webcam, and internet connection are all working properly.

#2 Take the GED Ready Practice Test

You will need to take the GED ready test before you are able to schedule your actual exam online. You will need to score “green” on the GED ready test.

Once you score “green” you will need to schedule your online test within 60 days. Learn more about the GED Ready test.

#3 Schedule Your Appointment for Your GED Online

Once you score “green” on the ready test, you will be able to schedule your online appointment. You can do so by visiting the GED online testing home.

#4 Login 30 Minutes Before Your Exam

You will need to login 30 minutes before taking your exam. You will follow some on-screen instructions to check-in like verifying your system, ID, and workspace.

#5 Take and Pass the Test

The last step is to take and pass the exam. You will be monitored by a proctor, just like you would be if you were taking the exam at a testing center.

If you want to brush up on some materials, you can visit our subject tests listed below or visit our GED practice test hub.

  1. GED Math Practice Test
  2. GED Science Practice Test
  3. GED Social Studies Practice Test
  4. GED Language Arts Practice Test

GED Online Exam Checklist

You will need to ensure that you have the following items before taking the online GED.

Computer With Webcam

You will need a computer with a webcam to be able to take the exam online. You will not be permitted to take the exam on your phone or other mobile devices.

You will be asked to run a systems test on your computer to make sure your computer meets all of the requirements.

A webcam is required because you will be proctored and monitored while taking the exam to ensure there is no cheating.


A private workspace is another thing you will need to take the online GED. The space should be private (not a public space like a coffee shop, library, etc..).

The space should have 4 walls and a door to close out outside distractions.

Government ID

You will need a government-issued ID to check-in for your exam. Some examples could include a driver’s license or a passport.

GED Ready Score

To take the GED online, you will need to take a GED Ready practice test for each subject you intend to take online.

You will need to score “green” to qualify to take that subject exam online. The “green” score must also be obtained within 60 days of taking your exam.

Tools Provided for Online GED

When taking the exam in an online setting, the GED testing service will provide you with some helpful tool that you can use. Some of those tools are:

  1. Technical Assistance – you will have a chat box that you can use to speak with your proctor. They will not answer any questions related to the exam, but can answer any other questions you may have.
  2. On-Screen Calculator – When taking the exam online, you are not permitted to use your own calculator. An on-screen calculator will be provided. You can prepare for using the on-screen calculator with this GED calculator tutorial.
  3. On-Screen Scratch Pad – You will have access to a scratch pad that you can use to make math calculations or make your own notes
  4. On-Screen Whiteboard – Similar to the scratch pad, you can use this tool to do math calculations or take notes. Here is a GED whiteboard tutorial.

Online GED Exam Rules

As with any other exam, there are rules and expectations that must be met when taking the GED online. Here are some of the big ones:

  1. No cheating
  2. You will be recorded via your webcam
  3. You must be in a private room with the door closed
  4. You must be the only person in the room
  5. You cannot leave your work area
  6. No calculator
  7. No scratch paper
  8. No phones, headphones, or other personal items
  9. No food or drinks

GED Online Exam FAQs

You are not allowed as many immediate attempts when taking the GED in an online setting. The GED ready test was established to help individuals determine when they are prepared to take the real exam.

There are online proctors available 24 hours a day. You can take the exam online at any hour of the day. If you need to reschedule your appointment, you can do so from the My Schedule page of your GED account.

You will need to check and see if you state offers the online GED. You can do so by visiting our GED requirements page. After verifying that information, you will need to ensure you have the proper system requirements and meet other criteria like scoring “green” on the GED ready exam.

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