WorkKeys Workplace Docs Practice Test 1
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Loss Prevention Policy

Here at Sunset Clothing, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the lowest prices and best deals on designer apparel. In order to continue to do so, all employees must adhere to the following loss prevention procedures throughout each and every shift:

  • All customers must be greeted personally by a minimum of one employee within ten seconds of entering the store
  • The fitting room attendant is responsible for checking each individual item of clothing for a security tag prior to allowing a customer to bring it into a fitting room
  • Accessories and shoes are not permitted in the fitting rooms
  • Cashiers are not to process any returns without prior manager approval
  • Any bills over $20 must be checked for authenticity
  • All employees must remain attentive during the duration of their shift, and should not engage in any of the following behaviors:
    • Texting/being on personal phone
    • Engaging in long conversations with customers or other staff
    • Remaining behind the counter whilst no customers are present at counter

Any suspicious customer behavior should be reported to the on-shift manager in a discreet manner.


You are a fitting room attendant. According to the policy, what should you do before allowing a customer into the fitting room?

  1. Ask for the customer’s name and write it on the door
  2. Check each individual item of clothing for a security tag
  3. Count the number of items that the customer wishes to try on
  4. Walk the customer to the fitting room and let them know you are there to help them
  5. Notify the manager that you are admitting a customer to the fitting room

ACT WorkKeys Information

ACT WorkKeys assessments are designed to measure a candidate's readiness for the workplace.  When you pass the WorkKeys exams you earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) which signals to potential employers that you have the skills necessary for the workplace.

The WorkKeys exams measure your skills in three separate areas:

  • Applied Math - assesses critical thinking, math reasoning and problem solving techniques that are applicable to everyday workplace situations
  • WorkPlace Documents - assesses how individuals make job-related decisions and solve problems when they use workplace documents like messages, policies, regulations and contracts
  • Graphic Literacy - measures how individuals read and understand graphical images to solve workplace problems. Typical graphics may include charts, diagrams, and floor plans.


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