WorkKeys Workplace Docs Practice Test 4
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Read the document below and answer the question that follows

Employee Punch In/Out Procedure:

At beginning of shift:

  1. Enter your employee ID number (written on your badge under your photo)
  2. Click “Time Entry”
  3. Click “Clock In”
  4. Click “Confirm

At end of shift:

  1. Enter your employee ID number
  2. Click “Time Entry”
  3. Click “Clock Out”
  4. Click Confirm



If you do not know your employee ID number, what should you do?

  1. Look for your number on your employee ID under your photo
  2. Look for your number on the back of your employee ID
  3. Enter “0000000” instead of your ID
  4. Use the computer system to look up your ID by your name
  5. Ask your manager for a copy of your employee ID number



ACT WorkKeys Information

ACT WorkKeys assessments are designed to measure a candidate's readiness for the workplace.  When you pass the WorkKeys exams you earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) which signals to potential employers that you have the skills necessary for the workplace.

The WorkKeys exams measure your skills in three separate areas:

  • Applied Math - assesses critical thinking, math reasoning and problem solving techniques that are applicable to everyday workplace situations
  • WorkPlace Documents - assesses how individuals make job-related decisions and solve problems when they use workplace documents like messages, policies, regulations and contracts
  • Graphic Literacy - measures how individuals read and understand graphical images to solve workplace problems. Typical graphics may include charts, diagrams, and floor plans.


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