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STAAR Practice Test

Answer Some Sample Questions with Our STAAR Practice Test
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Our STAAR Practice Tests

Eliminate the pressure that comes with important tests by equipping your child with a STAAR practice test! Preparation is essential to acing an important exam.

The following practice tests are all updated to include relevant questions found in most recent test version, ensuring these STAAR online practice tests will prepare students for the real thing!

Other STAAR Practice Tests

Utilize the following STAAR online practice tests to prepare for the exam. These are official resources.

Texas STAAR Practice Grades 3-8

GradeMathReadingScienceSocial Studies





TEXAS STAAR Practice High School

AlgebraEnglish IEnglish IIBiologyU.S. History

Learn More About STAAR Practice Tests

What is the STAAR Test?

The STAAR test is given in the state of Texas. It is used as the state’s testing program and given in grades 3-12. While there are a number of variations of the STAAR test, the fundamentals covered with each of them are roughly the same – math, science, and social studies.

Different iterations are based on grade level. Students in grades 3-8 have to take two STAAR tests every year while students in grades 9-12 are required to pass five. Some districts even go as far as requiring high school students to pass this test seven times!

Understanding everything mentioned above, the importance of proper preparation is obvious. Now that we’ve looked at an overview of this test and established its importance, let’s dive deeper into it.

STAAR Test Structure

As discussed above, here are the different iterations of the STAAR test for each grade level.

GradeSubjects to Expect
3Math, Reading
4Math, Reading, Writing
5Math, Reading, Science
6Math, Reading
7Math, Reading, Writing
8Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies
9-12Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, U.S. History

With grades 5-8 iterations of the test, students are required to pass the STAAR in order to advance onto the next grade.

Grades 9-12 differ slightly from other levels of the exam. Some of these test subjects will only need to be taken once throughout high school. Once passed, it’s not necessary to retake it.

Furthermore, high school students must sign up for the proper courses in order to become eligible to take each section of the STAAR. These courses are as follows:

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II (only some districts)
  • English I
  • English II
  • English III (only some districts)
  • Biology
  • US History

At the end of the final courses of a specific subject, students are required to take the STAAR in order to pass. For instance, a student will not be required to take the test at the end of English I but will have to take it at the end of English II or English III, depending on their district.

Once a student has passed a course, they do not have to retake the course in the event of failing the STAAR. They simply have to retake the STAAR test.

Finally, in some districts, students might be allowed to replace their STAAR score with other relevant test results like the SAT. For instance, if they fail the STAAR but ace the SAT, then it might be possible to still pass.

Everyone can be prepared by taking a STAAR online practice test.

How Do I Study for the STAAR Test?

The STAAR test is an extremely important part of a student’s academics so they have to be prepared on test day. This section will cover some tips that will help ensure that students are not caught off-guard on test day!

Understand the Test Layout

Becoming familiar with the layout of the STAAR is an essential step because it allows students to go into test day with as little stress as possible. A lack of preparation will lead to surprises during the test that stem into other issues like a loss of confidence.

Taking a STAAR practice test is extremely beneficial because it prepares students for the test by familiarizing them with the layout. That way, there are no surprises come test day.

Use Practice Questions

Answering Texas STAAR test practice questions will also test knowledge throughout the study process so you have a way to gauge your progress. Teachers will give you practice questions and do their best to prepare you, but you should also have access to some free questions online so that you’re not at the mercy of your teacher.

At the end of the day, students have a responsibility to show initiative in their studies.

Create a Study Schedule and Stick to It

Consistency is a key component to effective studies so having a schedule will ensure that you’re making the most of each session. Students will find that they have to juggle their other school work while also carving out enough time to study for the STAAR.

Parents will need to set up this schedule for younger kids but students who are old enough to understand their limits will be able to carve out their own study time.

Use Classroom Time Efficiently

Take notes, listen, and utilize classroom time to the best of your ability. Even though the majority of learning comes during study sessions, classroom time should not be underestimated. Teachers design their curriculum in a way that gives students access to the right information so make the most of this time.

Some teachers will even ramp up their lessons in the weeks leading up to the STAAR in order to prepare their students.

Types of STAAR Practice Tests

Taking a STAAR practice test ensures that a student is properly prepared for test day by simulating the experience.

STAAR Practice Test 3rd Grade

Students will find questions related to basic reading comprehension. Expect short questions and literature that meets a 3rd grade level.

STAAR Practice Test 4th Grade

These questions are easy-to-understand and provided by experts to ensure that grade-appropriate questions are found that reflect the real STAAR exam.

STAAR Practice Test 5th Grade

In addition to the language arts and literary questions found in material designed for grades 3 and 4, this practice test will also introduce scientific questions related to properties of matter, energy sources, and effects of force.

STAAR Practice Test 6th Grade

This practice test will have questions similar to the 5th grade version but slightly more advanced.

STAAR Practice Test 7th Grade

This version of the STAAR introduces students to speed and acceleration variable so expect to find these types of questions mixed in with the others.

STAAR Practice Test 8th Grade

Students are given their first assessment in social studies starting at the 8th grade level so expect questions related to Civil War, U.S. Government, and other citizenship-related topics.

STAAR Practice Test 9th thru 12th Grade

Here is where the high school versions of the STAAR test come into practice. There will be at least five different categories for testing so expect practice tests to take on the same format. Here are the five types of practice tests. Be sure to take the one that corresponds to the subject of the real STAAR.

  • English I
  • English II
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • U.S. History


As with any test, the STAAR test’s difficulty is based on the amount of preparation put in by students. However, nearly 40% of students failed the math section in 2021. This prompted an independent study on whether the difficulty was too much for students.

The results seemed to show that was not the case. The correlation was found in the lack of in-person attendance due to COVID-19.

So to answer this question, the STAAR test is not more or less difficult than other critical tests. But students might need to prepare a bit harder for the math section, especially if they were attending remote classes.

Each grade level receives a unique version of the test that requires a score of 25% to 35% in order to pass, depending on the district. Parents will receive a report card that shows their child’s overall performance in each area.

The test is given three times per year in the fall, spring, and summer. It can be retaken at any point. The only prerequisite is that high school students must pass the appropriate course to receive permission to take the test.

It’s free for students.

Fun fact though. The state of Texas pays approximately $90 million per year to administer the STAAR tests.

Final Thoughts

The STAAR test is an essential part of a student’s curriculum so it’s up to parents to make sure their child is prepared. 

Taking a practice test leading up to test day is the best way to ensure that a student is ready to tackle the real thing!

Dave Evangelisti
Dave is our founder and CEO. He has 20+ years of experience in the testing and test prep industry.