State CDL ManualWe have conveniently compiled a list of CDL Manuals for each state.  Your state Commercial Driver's License (CDL) manual is the reference guide for your CDL test. The CDL manual will contain everything you need to know about the test, and how to obtain a CDL license in your state.  The manual covers requirements, eligibility, and details on your state's Commercial Driver's License program.  Specific details are given on who needs a CDL, eligibility requirements, medical/physical requirements, CDL groups/endorsements/exemptions, application procedures, tests, restrictions, fees, serious traffic and RRX violations and Drug/Alchohol violations. The manual also acts as a CDL study guide because it contains all of the required information that you need to master prior to taking your exam.  The CDL manual covers areas such as: driving safely, transporting cargo safely, transporting passengers safely, air brakes, combination vehicles, doubles and triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, school buses, skills testing, pre-trip inspection, and on-road driving

The state CDL Manual is the official guide that specifies how to get a Commercial Driver’s License for your specific state.  Once you understand the specific requirements for your state, you can prepare for your exam by going here: 

Free CDL Practice Tests - use's Free CDL Practice Tests to prepare for your CDL Exams
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Find your state's CDL manual by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Alabama CDL ManualAlabama CDL Manual
Illinois CDL ManualIllinois CDL Manual

Montana CDL ManualMontana CDL Manual

Puerto Rico CDL ManualPuerto Rico CDL Manual

Alaska CDL ManualAlaska CDL Manual
Indiana CDL ManualIndiana CDL Manual

Nebraska CDL ManualNebraska CDL Manual

Rhode Island CDL ManualRhode Island CDL Manual

Arizona CDL ManualArizona CDL Manual

Iowa CDL ManualIowa CDL Manual

Nevada CDL ManualNevada CDL Manual

South Carolina CDL ManualSouth Carolina CDL Manual

Arkansas CDL ManualArkansas CDL Manual

Kansas CDL ManualKansas CDL Manual

New Hampshire CDL ManualNew Hampshire CDL Manual

South Dakota CDL ManualSouth Dakota CDL Manual

California CDL ManualCalifornia CDL Manual

Kentucky CDL ManualKentucky CDL Manual

New Jersey CDL ManualNew Jersey CDL Manual

Tennessee CDL ManualTennessee CDL Manual

Colorado CDL ManualColorado CDL Manual

Louisiana CLD ManualLouisiana CDL Manual

New Mexico CDL ManualNew Mexico CDL Manual

Texas CDL ManualTexas CDL Manual

Connecticut CDL ManualConnecticut CDL Manual

Maine CDL ManualMaine CDL Manual

New York CDL ManualNew York CDL Manual

Utah CDL ManualUtah CDL Manual

Delaware CDL ManualDelaware CDL Manual

Maryland CDL ManualMaryland CDL Manual

North Carolina CDL ManualNorth Carolina CDL Manual

Vermont CDL ManualVermont CDL Manual

Washington DC CDL ManualDist. of Columbia CDL Manual

Massachusetts CDL ManualMassachusetts CDL Manual

North Dakota CDL ManualNorth Dakota CDL Manual

Virginia CDL ManualVirginia CDL Manual

Florida CDL ManualFlorida CDL Manual

Michigan CDL ManualMichigan CDL Manual

Ohio CDL ManualOhio CDL Manual

Washington CDL ManualWashington CDL Manual

Georgia CDL ManualGeorgia CDL Manual

Minnesota CDL ManualMinnesota CDL Manual

Oklahoma CDL ManualOklahoma CDL Manual

Wisconsin CDL ManualWisconsin CDL Manual

Hawaii CDL ManualHawaii CDL Manual

Mississippi CDL ManualMississippi CDL Manual

Oregon CDL ManualOregon CDL Manual

West Virginia CDL ManualWest Virginia CDL Manual

Idaho CDL ManualIdaho CDL Manual

Missouri CDL ManualMissouri CDL Manual

Pennsylvania CDL ManualPennsylvania CDL Manual

Wyoming CDL ManualWyoming CDL Manual
For more information on your specific state's requirements, please visit our CDL State Requirements Page.  We have compiled specific information for: New York, Texas, California, Kentucky, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina. 
Frequently asked questions that are found in your state CDL manual include:
Who needs a CDL?
What are the Driving Record Eligibility Requirements?
How Old Do I have to be to get a CDL?
What are the driver qualification requirements?
Where can I find more information on medical and physical requirements?
What type of CDL do I need?
What endorsements do I need?
Are there CDL exemptions?
How Do I get a CDL?
What tests do I need to take?
What are the various CDL restrictions?
Can I have traffic violations and still get a CDL?
How do I renew a CDL?
Do I need a Chauffeur license?
How can I convert a CDL license from one state to another? 


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