Nurses are in high demand.  Passing your TEAS 7 admission exam can help you get into your chosen nursing program. Discover TEAS requirements, training courses, and TEAS 7 exam prep. Use our free TEAS Practice exams.

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TEAS practice tests

Our free TEAS practice tests will help you prepare for the TEAS exam. Students are tested on reading, English, math, and science. Take a practice exam in each of those categories below. 

Our ATI TEAS practice test questions are scored automatically and include answer explanations so you understand why an answer was correct or incorrect.

The TEAS test is an important exam for any student considering applying to nursing school - make sure you are ready to pass the exam the first time!

TEAS Test Overview

The TEAS test, also known as the Test of Essential Academic Skills, is a standardized admissions test used by many nursing schools to evaluate potential candidates for admission. The TEAS test is developed by ATI and is intended to be a predictor of a student's success in nursing school.

The TEAS test assesses a nursing candidate's skills in reading, math, science, and English and language usage. Students who wish to attend nursing school will need to do well on this exam to gain acceptance into their nursing program.

Best TEAS Test Prep Courses
Authored By: Dave Evangelisti

Updated: May 9, 2022

Use one of the best TEAS test prep courses listed below to achieve a top score on your exam.

Our team ranked and reviewed various TEAS prep courses to help you find the best fit for your studying style. Some of the factors our team took into consideration include pricing, features, practice questions, guarantees, and more.

Getting into nursing school can be tough. Ensure you get the score you need on your exam with one of the best TEAS prep courses below.

TEAS Study Guide

Getting ready for your TEAS exam?

This process can be incredibly stressful, but it does not have to be. Start your preparation by reviewing our TEAS study guide. 

Students preparing for this exam can use our TEAS study guide to begin their exam review. Our study guide will help you get a better idea of what areas you should focus on for this exam. 

After reviewing our study guide, check out some of our other TEAS resources to help you get a top score on your exam. 

Is the TEAS Test Hard?

Is the TEAS test hard? This is a question that’s highly debated among the community and one that this post will shed some light on.

The TEAS exam does not have a minimum passing score. Some institutions will require certain composite sores while others establish a minimum score. The exam itself does not have a minimum passing score - the passing score is set by individual institutions and programs.

Some institutions may use national mean scores (65%-75%, typically), while more competitive institutions will use more competitive score averages (78%-90%, typically) to determine minimum composite score ranges.

TEAS Test Scores

The Test of Essential Academic Skills – the TEAS test –is a standardized exam taken by students who have an interest in attending nursing (or a dental hygienist) program in the United States. Learn everything you need to know about TEAS scores in this article. 

The TEAS exam is administered by the ATI – the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). The newest version of the TEAS test (TEAS 7) is being released in June of 2022. The current version is the TEAS 6 test, which was released in 2016.

How to Study for the TEAS Test

Anyone looking to become a nurse will have to take the TEAS test since it’s an important part of the nursing school application process. Learn how to study for the TEAS test in this article.

Most places require their students to take this test as part of their vetting process. These schools are getting a lot of applications and entry is very competitive so students need every possible advantage.


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