ACT Test RegistrationYou can register for the ACT Test either online or by mail.  Online ACT Test registration has several advantages over mail-based sign ups.  Online ACT Test registration is faster and it enables you to determine if your testing location has space for you.  Registering for the ACT Test online also allows you to print your ACT admission ticket.  You will need to select an appropriate test date that will give you enough time to submit your scores to your preferred colleges.  Once you have selected you ACT test date, make sure that you register well enough in advance to secure a seat at your preferred test center and to avoid any late registration charges.

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ACT Purpose

The purpose of the ACT is to evaluate a student's academic readiness for college.  The test consists of 4 subject tests (English, math, reading and science) and an optional 30 minute writing test.  Most colleges in the U.S. require a standardized admissions test such as the ACT or SAT as one of their admissions criteria.


Virtually every student is allowed to take the ACT test.  Students typically take the ACT in their junior year, but students may take it anywhere from 6th grade to 12th grade.  High School graduates are also allowed to take the exam.

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When To Take The ACT

You should take the ACT at least a few months before your college or scholarship applications are due.  The scores for your ACT test are typically available from three to eight weeks after you take your test.  Most college bound high school students choose to take their exam their junior year.  The advantages to testing in your junior year include:
Coursework completion - you'll have finished a majority of the courses that you will be tested on
Senior year planning - your scores may indicate what courses you should be taking in your senior year of high school
College interest - Colleges will know your interests and scores and will contact you in the summer after your junior year with information regarding admissions, scholarships and specialized programs
Retesting - If you don't reach your desired ACT test scores, you'll have plenty of opportunity to retake the test

ACT Test Dates

In most states, the ACT test is offered 6 times a years.  ACT Test Dates are on Saturdays and are offered in the following months: September, October, December, February, April and June.

ACT Test Registration

Online registration is the easiest method to register for the ACT test.  The first step is to create an online student account at Online registration gives you the advantages of being able to confirm that their is an open spot at your selected test site as well as the ability to print your admission ticket.  Online registration is a simple, straightforward process that simply asks for your contact information, address, and high school information.  Once your student account is created, you will be able to select and modify your test dates, pay for your registration via credit card, view your test scores, select colleges to send your score reports to, and enter/update your high school grades.

The simplest and fastest registration method for the ACT is online.  When you register online, you will be immediately informed about the availability of a seat at your preferred test center.  Additionally, you will be able to print your admission ticket.  The only two factors that will require a mail-in registration are if you are under 13 years old or if you are unable to pay via a credit card.

Standby testing is available if you missed the late registration deadline.  To request standby testing you should crete an online account and complete the downloadable request form.

If you plan on using an international test center, then you must sign up for the ACT using the online ACT Test Registration.  If you plan on taking the ACT Test within the US, US Territories, Puerto Rico or Canada, you can use either an online or mail-based ACT Test Registration Process.

Arranged Testing

In certain circumstances, you may be able to have special testing accomodations.  Typical reasons to request for arranged testing include:

  • You are homebound or confined
  • You require a test to be given on a non-Saturday and a test center is not available within 50 miles of your home
  • Test centers are not available in your country or within 50 miles of your home in the U.S. or Canada.

ACT Fees

The current fees for the ACT are:

  • ACT No Writing Test Fee - $34
  • ACT Plus Writing Test Fee - $49.50
  • The following fees are in addition to the test fees
  • Late Registration - $21
  • Standby testing on test day - $42
  • Adding a 5th and 6th college choice - $10 each
  • Changing a Test Date - $21
  • Changing a Test Center - $21
  • International Testing - $27


Your basic test registration fee and service fees are non refundable.  Some optional service fees (5th and 6th college choices, test information release and ACT writing test) are refundable on request.

The ACT Test is a standardized exam that is used by various colleges and universities in the U.S. as a factor in determining college admissions.  The ACT Test is similar in purpose to the SAT Test.  Both the SAT and ACT tests are only one factor that colleges use in their admissions processes, but it can be an important factor – so you should prepare and strive to do well on the test. Determining ACT Test Dates will help you plan for the big day. Utilizing our free ACT Practice Tests will also help you ace your ACT exam.

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