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ASVAB Flashcards

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ASVAB flashcards are a great way to prepare for your upcoming exam. Flashcards are an ideal study technique to help become familiar with vocabulary terms and facts that you will be tested on for your admission to the U.S. Military.

We have constructed a list of some of our favorite ASVAB study cards you can use to help you succeed on the ASVAB. You can find those resources and flashcards below.

Summary: Use the ASVAB test flashcards below to begin your studies. If you want more help, consider using our ASVAB practice tests.

We have organized the ASVAB flashcards below by the different subtests you will find on the ASVAB. We suggest working you way through each subtest and seeing how you do.

Once you work your way through each subtest, you can determine which subtests you need the most help with. Choose a ASVAB study cards set to begin:

Resource # of ASVAB Practice Flashcards Subtest
ASVAB GS Flashcards 116 General Science (GS)
ASVAB AR Flashcards 270 Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)
ASVAB WK Flashcards 97 Word Knowledge (WK)
ASVAB PC Flashcards 15 Paragraph Comprehension (PC)
ASVAB MK Flashcards 50 Math Knowledge (MK)
ASVAB EI Flashcards 91 Electronics Information (EI)
ASVAB AS Flashcards 175 Auto Information and Shop Information (AS)
ASVAB MC Flashcards 80 Mechanical Comprehension
ASVAB AO Flashcards 16 Assembling Objects (AO)

The best way to use these flashcards is by working you way through each subject individually. Working through each subject individually will allow you to focus solely on that subject.

On the actual exam, you will be tested on each subject individually as well. Taking this approach will also help better prepare you for your exam.

After you work you way through each subject, take some time to reflect on which subjects you struggled the most with. You can then spend more time studying for those subjects versus the subjects that you did well on.

Resource Notes Provider
Free ASVAB Practice Tests Take a practice test for different subtests and see how you do. Test-Guide
ASVAB Study Guide Review our study guide and other study guides to learn the material. Test-Guide
How to Pass the ASVAB Read our guide for tips on how to pass the exam. Test-Guide
ASVAB Prep Course Consider investing in a prep course if you are serious about doing well on this exam. JobTestPrep

Are ASVAB flashcards helpful?

ASVAB flashcards are helpful for a lot of students. The flashcards are a great way to incorporate active learning into your study regiment.

While we would recommend adding some additional resources to your study regiment (practice exams, study guides, or prep courses), flashcards are a great place to start and a great way to add some supplemental learning.

Why are the flashcards split up by subtest?

The flashcards are split up by section because that is how you will be tested on the actual exam. Each subtest is given individually on the actual exam, so that is the best way to study and use the flashcards.

Should I only use flashcards when preparing for the ASVAB?

You should definitely incorporate flashcards into your study regiment, but they should not be the only resource used. You should try to incorporate some ASVAB practice exams, study guides, and prep courses into your regiment as well.