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Free HESI A2 Practice Test

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Take our HESI practice test below to begin your studies.

All our questions include detailed answer explanations to help explain complex concepts. You can find a practice exam for each subject of the HESI below.

Summary: Take a free HESI practice test for each subject below. For more help, consider using a HESI prep course.

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Prepare Now

If you know which subjects you want to focus on, you can take additional HESI A2 practice tests for each subject below.

The HESI A2 exam is an exam given to students who are applying to nursing school. Nursing programs around the country use the exam to help schools find the best candidates for their programs. The exam is administered by Elsevier.

The exam consists of a total of 8 different section exams.

Note that each school or program has different requirements. Some schools may require you to take 4 of the below sections, while others may require you to take all 8 sections.

HESI Exam Outline

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Prepare Now

It is important to ensure that you are using a HESI practice exam the correct way in order to get the most benefit from it. We have listed some important things to consider when using HESI prep.

  1. Find a quiet place to take the practice exams - If there are a bunch of things going on around you, you will not be able to focus and not get much out of the practice HESI test.
  2. Pace yourself - Utilize the timers on our practice exams to help you get better with the timing aspect of the exam. You can figure out if you need to speed up your pace or if you can slow down a bit by using one of our free HESI practice tests.
  3. Read the answer explanations - After you submit your practice exam, you will see detailed answer explanations. Use these answer explanations to learn why an answer was right or wrong. This will help you learn important concepts and better prepare for the actual exam.

Using a HESI practice exam is one of the best ways to prepare for the actual exam. Some of the best benefits of using practice exams include:

  1. Narrow down your struggles – You can get a better idea of where you excel and where you struggle by taking a HESI A2 practice exam. This will help you determine where to focus your studies and save you a ton when studying.
  2. Nail down timing – One of the hardest things about the exam is the timing aspect. A practice exam will help you get more comfortable with the timing on this exam. Once you get enough practice, you will find a pace that works for you. This will ensure you have enough time to answer all the questions for each subject.
  3. Familiarity with the exam – By taking a practice exam, you will become more familiar with the actual exam. You will see what kinds of questions you can expect to be asked on the actual exam as well as what kinds of topics you should expect to know.
  4. Improved problem solving – You can utilize the answer explanations at the end of the free HESI practice tests to help improve your problem solving. We may describe a different way to solve a problem that you may not have considered. This can also help you save time when taking the actual exam.

There are numerous different ways to prepare for this exam. We have listed some of our favorite methods below:

  1. Practice Tests – This is a great place to start as it will help you learn more about the exam, what to expect, and help you narrow down which subjects you may struggle with the most.
  2. Study Guides – You can utilize a study guide when preparing for this exam. You can make your own or find one that is already crafted. Our HESI study guide is a good place to start.
  3. Prep Course – A prep course is going to be the most in-depth option for your studies. A good course will include detailed lectures as well as plenty of practice questions and exams. You can read our reviews of the best HESI prep courses to learn more about the different options available to you.

What does HESI stand for?

HESI stands for Health Education Systems Inc.

What is the HESI A2 used for?

The HESI A2 is used by nursing schools and programs to asses nursing school candidates.

It is similar to the ACT or SAT, but for nursing school.

Can I use a calculator on the HESI?

Yes, you can use a calculator. However, you will be provided one and cannot bring your own.

What sections are tested on the exam?

There are 8 potential sections that you may be tested on when taking the HESI.

Those sections are math, reading, anatomy and physiology, grammar, vocab, chemistry, biology, physics.

In addition, you may be asked to take the learning and personality sections.

How many questions are on the HESI exam?

There are 326 total questions. Please note, many students are not required to take all sections of the exam, so the number of questions may vary.

Is a practice test good for studying for the actual exam?

Yes, a HESI practice exam is a great option for studying for the real exam. You will learn more about the types of questions you will be asked, as well as become more comfortable with the timing aspect.

You can also use the answer explanations to learn how to solve certain problems.

How much is the HESI exam?

The cost will vary from school to school. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $80.

What is the passing score for the HESI exam?

Every school will have their own requirements. Most schools typically have a minimum passing score of 75%.

Where can I register for the HESI exam?

You can register for the HESI on the official website.


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