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Free HESI Practice Tests from Practice Tests are an ideal way to prepare for your upcoming HESI A2 exam. In order to get into your chosen Nursing School, you will need to score well on the HESI.

Our directory of free HESI A2 practice tests are listed below.  Taking sample questions is an effective way to study for your entrance exams.  Our free HESI Admission Assessment sample tests provide you with an opportunity to assess how well you are prepared for the actual HESI test, and then concentrate on the areas you need work on.

HESI Practice Tests from

HESI A2 Math Practice Test- Note: The Math Tests are randomized, so please take the test multiple times.

HESI A2 Vocabulary Practice Test- Note: The Vocab Tests are randomized, so please take the test multiple times.

HESI A2 Grammar Practice Test

HESI A2 Reading Practice Test

HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology Practice Test - Note: The A&P Tests are randomized, so please take the test multiple times. 

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The HESI entrance exam is formally referred to as the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam.  The HESI exam consists of a total of 10 different exams, covering the areas of:

  • Math - 50 question exam with 50 minute time limit.  Evaluates a students math skills as related to health care.  Math skills that are tested include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, proportions, fractions and decimals.  A large portion of the exam will include conversions, household measures and dosage calculations.
  • Reading - 47 question exam with 60 minute time limit.  The reading comprehension exam will measure a students capability to understand reading passages.  These reading passages will typically be health care related.  Students will be required to identify a primary theme, find the meaning of phrases in context, determine logical inferences and understand reading passages.
  • Vocabulary - 50 question exam with 50 minute time limit.  Students are tested on the grasp of various health care related terms.
  • Grammar - 50 question exam with 50 minute time limit.  Basic grammar principles are evaluated.  These include important terms, their uses in grammar, common grammatical errors, and parts of speech.
  • Biology - Typically given if Biology is a required pre-requisite. 25 question exam with 25 minute time limit.  The biology test will cover metabolism, cells, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, biological molecules and biology basics.
  • Chemistry - Typically given if Chemistry is a required pre-requisite of your nursing program. 25 question exam with a 25 minute time limit.  The Chemistry exam will cover: the periodic table, atomic structure, chemical equations, chemical bonding, nuclear chemistry and matter.
  • Anatomy and Physiology - Usually required if Anatomy and Physiology is a pre-requisite.  25 minute exam with 25 minute time limit.  The A&P exam will cover anatomical structures, general terminology, and systems.
  • Physics - Usually required if Physics is a pre-requisite course for your school.  25 question exam with 50 minute time limit.  The Physics exam will evaluate a student's understanding of the following topics: rotation, gravitation, Newton's Laws of Motion, average speed, acceleration, projectile motion, light and optics, and energy.

Schools can choose to adminster any of the exams to assess a potential students fitness for their program.  Most schools choose to focus on the Math, Reading, Vocabulary and Grammar tests as a way to evaluate a student's readiness.

HESI Practice Tests are one of the most effective ways to study for your Nursing Entrance Exam.  The sample questions give you a feel for how the actual test will be delivered.  In addition, studying with sample practice questions allows you to assess what areas you are strong on and what areas you are weak on.

Many schools do not a standard "passing" grade for your HESI exam - they use it as one piece of information in their overall admissions process.  Other schools, however, will require a definitive passing score (whether it's 85, 90 or something else) in order for you to be eligible for admission.  Still other schools will evaluate your score against your peers who are applying for admission during the same term (e.g., the school may require you to be in the top 50 of applicants for the fall term).