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Use our free HESI practice tests to prepare for your HESI A2 exam. All of our questions are updated for 2022 and include answer explanations.

One of the best ways to prepare for the HESI exam is by taking a HESI practice test. Take a practice test below for HESI math, HESI vocab, HESI reading, HESI anatomy and physiology, and more.

Taking a HESI practice test will help you better understand what subjects you understand and what subjects you may need to spend some more time on. Give yourself the best opportunity by taking a free HESI practice test below.

Summary: Use our HESI practice tests to help prepare for your exam. For more in-depth help, check out a HESI prep course.

Free HESI Practice Tests

Use the following HESI practice tests to see what you know, and what you do not know. All questions include answer explanations to help you understand why your answers were incorrect.

HESI Math Practice Tests

Math Practice Test 1
Math Practice Test 2

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HESI Vocab Practice Tests

Vocab Practice Test 1
Vocab Practice Test 2

HESI Anatomy & Physiology Practice Tests

Anatomy & Physiology Practice Test 1
Anatomy & Physiology Practice Test 2

HESI Reading Practice Tests

Reading Practice Test 1

HESI Grammar Practice Tests

Grammar Practice Test 1

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HESI Flashcards

Subject Notes Source
HESI Math Flashcards Review 26 math flashcards. Quizlet
HESI Reading Flashcards Review 88 terms to help study. Quizlet
HESI Grammar Flashcards Review 40 flashcards on grammar questions. Quizlet

HESI Entrance Exam Overview

HESI stands for Health Education Systems Incorporated, the company which offers the HESI A2 exam for student nurses. The HESI A2 entrance exam is formally referred to as the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam.

The HESI exam consists of a total of 10 different exams, covering the subtests listed in the table below. 

Note that each school or program has different requirements. Some schools may require you to take 4 of the below sections, while others may require you to take all 10 sections. 

HESI Exam Total Questions  Time Limit 
HESI Math 55 (50 Scored/5 Unscored) 50 Minutes
HESI Reading 55 (50 Scored/5 Unscored) 60 Minutes
HESI Vocab 55 (50 Scored/5 Unscored) 50 Minutes
HESI Grammar 55 (50 Scored/5 Unscored) 50 Minutes
HESI Biology 30 (25 Scored/5 Unscored) 25 Minutes
HESI Chemistry 30 (25 Scored/5 Unscored) 25 Minutes
HESI Anatomy and Physiology 30 (25 Scored/5 Unscored) 25 Minutes
HESI Physics 25 50 Minutes
HESI Learning Style 14 15 Minutes
HESI Personality Style 15 15 Minutes

HESI Practice Tests

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*Please note the graphic above only contains the HESI subject exams. It does not list the HESI learning or HESI personality style exams.


This is a 55-question exam with a 50-minute time limit. This portion of the HESI exam evaluates math skills as related to health care.

These skills include:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Ratios
  • Proportions
  • Fractions
  • Decimals

A large portion of the exam includes conversions, household measures, and dosage calculations.

HESI Reading

This is a 55-question exam with a 60-minute time limit. The reading comprehension HESI exam measures reading comprehension. Reading passages will typically be health care related.

Students are required to identify a primary theme, find the meaning of phrases in context, determine logical inferences, and understand reading passages.

HESI Vocabulary

This is a 55-question exam with a 50-minute time limit. In this HESI exam, students are tested on their grasp of various health care related terms.

HESI Grammar

This is a 55-question exam with a 50-minute time limit. Basic grammar principles are evaluated in this HESI test. These grammar principles include important terms, their uses in grammar, common grammatical errors, and parts of speech.

HESI Biology

Typically given if biology is a required prerequisite, this is a 30-question exam with a 25-minute time limit. The biology test portion of the HESI exam covers metabolism, cells, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, biological molecules and biology basics.

HESI Chemistry 

Typically given if chemistry is a required prerequisite of your nursing program, this is a 30-question exam with a 25-minute time limit. The chemistry portion of the HESI exam covers the periodic table, atomic structure, chemical equations, chemical bonding, nuclear chemistry and matter.

HESI Anatomy and Physiology 

Usually required if anatomy and physiology is a prerequisite, this is a 30-question exam with a 25-minute time limit. The anatomy and physiology portion of the HESI exam covers anatomical structures, general terminology, and systems.

HESI Physics

Usually required if physics is a prerequisite course for your school, this is a 25-question exam with a 50-minute time limit. The physics portion of the HESI test evaluates understanding a student's understanding of the following topics:

  • Rotation
  • Gravitation
  • Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Average speed
  • Acceleration
  • Projectile motion
  • Light and optics
  • Energy

Schools can choose to administer any of the HESI exams to assess a potential student’s fitness for their program. Most schools choose to focus on the math, reading, vocabulary and grammar tests as a way to evaluate a student's readiness.

Benefits of HESI A2 Practice Tests

There are many benefits of preparing for your HESI exam with practice tests. Studying for your HESI test using sample questions is one of the most effective study practices you can use. The advantages of using sample HESI tests include:

  • Concentrating Your Study - The more practice tests you take in your prep for the HESI exam, the better grasp you will have on your strengths and weaknesses. Many students waste a lot of valuable study time by reviewing material that they are good at (often because it is easier or makes them feel better). The most effective way to study is to concentrate on the areas that you struggle with. 
  • Strengthening Your Problem Solving Abilities - As you prep with our HESI A2 practice test sample questions, and review the provided explanations, you will increase your ability to solve problems. Solid problem-solving skills will be crucial for you to achieve a passing score on your HESI exams, especially the mathematics portion, so getting plenty of HESI practice is essential.
  • Understanding the Exam Format - Every standardized test has its own unique format. As you take practice HESI tests you will become comfortable with the format of the actual exam. Once the test day arrives you will have familiarity with the actual HESI A2 exam! HESI test prep courses do a great job in helping you understand the exam format.
  • Improving Your Speed - The HESI A2 exams are all timed. Although most students who take the exam feel that there is sufficient time, taking the HESI A2 practice tests with self-imposed timers helps you budget your time effectively.

Types of HESI A2 Practice Tests

We offer many different types of HESI A2 practice tests. Take a look at some of those HESI practice tests below to learn more about each one.

HESI A2 Math Practice Tests

Our HESI math practice tests include questions on conversions, ratios, proportions, fractions, decimals, and more. All answers will show up at the end to help simulate the actual exam. Be sure to review the answer explanations at the end to help you better understand why an answer was right or wrong. 

HESI A2 Vocab Practice Tests

Our HESI vocab practice tests will challenge students on their grasp of various health care related terms. Students will see all different kinds of terms that may show up on their HESI exam. Review the answer explanations at the end to better understand some of the vocabulary terms.

HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology Practice Tests

Our HESI anatomy and physiology practice tests include questions on anatomical structures, general terminology, and systems. Students tend to stuggle on this portion of the exam, so it is important to get as much practice as possible in anatomy and physiology. Our answer explanations at the end of each test should help clear up some difficult concepts.

HESI A2 Reading Practice Tests

Our HESI reading practice tests will provide you with a passage and ask you to answer questions based on that passage. Just like on the actual exam, you will be asked to understand various aspects about the passage. The reading passages on the actual exam tend to be health care related.

HESI A2 Grammar Practice Tests

Our HESI grammar practice tests will quiz you on various topics like important terms, their uses in grammar, common errors, and parts of speech. While this may seem like an easier section, it is important you review important concepts before the actual exam. Many students make simple mistakes on this section.

HESI A2 Exam Scores

Studies have shown a strong correlation between HESI A2 scores and first semester course grades, and ultimately nursing program completion. Each nursing school chooses which of the subject tests (e.g., math, anatomy, etc.) that prospective students need to take. 

After a student takes the HESI A2 exam, the institution will receive two types of scores: individual percentage-based scores for each subject exam and an overall composite score for all of the exams that were taken by the student.

There are no minimum passing scores set by the exam creator (Elsevier) of HESI A2. Each nursing program determines its own requirements for admissions.

Elsevier and many institutions, however, do believe that a minimum composite score of 75% and a minimum individual exam score of 70% are required for a student to be successful in their nursing program.

For an in-depth guide on scores, review our HESI scores article. 


What is the passing score for the HESI exam?

There is technically no passing score for the HESI exam - each school sets their own standards. Usually, 90% to 100% is considered excellent, 80% to 89% is very good, and 75% to 79% is satisfactory. For more information on HESI scores, check out our guide to HESI scores.

What is on the HESI test?

The HESI exam consists of 10 different exams, all of which cover different subjects. Schools can choose which tests they want to administer. Most schools usually administer math, reading, vocab, and grammar.

What kind of questions are on the HESI A2 test?

This depends on which specific HESI tests you are taking. If you know which HESI exams you will be taking, try one of our free practice tests to get a better feel for the questions that will be on the HESI test. All our questions have detailed answer explanations to help you better learn the material.

Best of Luck with Your HESI A2 Practice Tests

HESI practice tests are one of the most effective ways to study for your nursing entrance exam. The sample questions in our HESI practice exams will give you a feel for how the actual test will be delivered. In addition, utilizing HESI study guides will give you the key prep you need to succeed.

Good luck on your HESI A2 exam, and be sure to browse our site for more reliable practice exams, study guides, and resources for a variety of other tests!

Last Updated: 3/11/2022


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