The GED exam is short for General Educational Development and designed to show educational competency and mastery equivalent to a high school diploma. Each state has particular testing requirements that are met in order to take the equivalency exam. Some require an individual to be 18 years of age or older and most require a photo identification in order to enter the testing area and many will require GED transcripts request be made in writing.

These transcripts will contain examination scores for each tested subject. In addition, there will be an overall score, which might be considered equivalent to a grade point average. In order to obtain some jobs, to apply for college entrance or in some cases military service a copy of the transcript s must be presented.

The local testing center which administered the GED examination will usually be responsible for grading and reporting the examination results and so that a GED diploma can be mailed. Though a GED diploma is useful for many purposes such as applying for jobs, it does not meet every need. Entry into college will usually require the transcripts of the original test just as those holding a high school diploma would be required to present transcripts.

The diploma and transcripts should arrive in the mail in a few weeks for those who take GED tests at local centers. In the case of persons in the military or correction institutions taking a GED exam, requesting a transcript may not be as simple as going to the testing location. The American Council on Education can usually direct the person to the appropriate agency to request a transcript from in those instances.

The test is divided up into several areas including an essay portion. Studying for the GED is usually recommended in order to avoid retesting fees on any area an individual may not have passed. The transcript will usually include the results in percentages of the individual in each area, which may be usual for those applying for college. Many states will require a waiting period or evidence of remedial study before allowing a test taker to retake the GED test or any portion of the rest.

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If the test transcripts were not sent along with the diploma or were subsequently misplaced, an individual may need to request a replacement transcript. Contacting the testing center or agency responsible for GED testing may be a quick means of finding out where to request transcripts in that particular state. The testing agency can usually provide the person an address or location and name of an agency from which to request replacement transcripts.

The address to write to obtain a transcript may not be the same as the testing center address. In many cases it is will come from the state Capitol. While it may be possible to request a transcript by simply going to the location, most times a written request is necessary. In addition, fees apply to transcript requests and can even include research fees.