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CDL Flash CardsFlash cards are an excellent way to study for your CDL general knowledge test and endorsement tests.  Flashcards help you learn important vocabulary terms and memorize key facts.  Once you are done studying with our flash card sets, please make sure to check out our other CDL resources to learn more about your Commercial Driver's License!

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CDL General Knowledge Flash Card Set

CDL Air Brakes Flash Card Set

CDL School Bus Flash Card Set 

CDL Hazmat Flash Card Set

CDL Test information

A Commercial Driver's License is required in every state if you want to operate a commercial motor vehicle.  Depending on the type of vehicle that you intend on driving (e.g., a school bus, double/triple trailer, hazardous materials etc.) you will have to take various endorsement tests.  All CDL candidates, however, are required to take a 50 question general knowledge test and get at least 40 questions right (for an 80% passing rate).  In addition, you will have to take a driving skills test which will include a pre-trip inspection.

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How to Study for your CDL Exam with Flash Cards

Many students of all ages prefer learning with flash cards.  Flash cards can be an effective study tool whether they are traditional paper based 3" x 5" cards or modern web-based electronic flash cards.  Exams such as the CDL exam often require a student to recall various facts and data.  Flash cards are a convenient and flexible way for students to get their arms around a large amount of information in a short time period.  One of the advantages of flash cards is that you can quickly determine what information you already know and focus on the material that you are having trouble with.  No matter what the test is on, flash cards are an excellent study tool for formulas, facts, equations, vocabulary words, dates, names and definitions.



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