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Obtaining a GED credential can help you get the job you want or attend the college that you are interested in.  For some people, however, passing the GED tests is a daunting task. Learn how to pass your GED exams. Understand GED requirements, learn about GED courses/classes, and discover when and where the GED tests are given. Use our free GED Practice tests.

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GED Printable Practice Tests

GED printable practice testsIf you are looking for GED printable practice tests, then you have come to the right place.  The resources below offer GED practice test free no registration.  Using sample questions to study for the GED is one of the most effective study techniques.  When you study with practice worksheets you are able to get a feel for the format of the test, learn what areas you need to work on, improve your problem solving skills and focus your study efforts.

GED Printable Practice Tests- from

GED Math - Note: The Math Tests are randomized, so please take the test multiple times.

GED Math Practice Test Pool 1
GED Math Practice Test Pool 2 

GED Reasoning Through Language Arts

GED Language Arts Practice Test 1
GED Language Arts Practice Test 2
GED Language Arts Practice Test 3
GED Language Arts Practice Test 4
GED Language Arts Practice Test 5
GED Language Arts Practice Test 6
GED Language Arts Practice Test 7
GED Language Arts Practice Test 8
GED Language Arts Practice Test 9
GED Language Arts Practice Test 10 

GED Science

GED Science Practice Test

GED Social Studies

GED Social Studies Practice Test

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Many students are confused about how to prepare for the GED test, and have some of the following questions:

Where can I find the official GED practice test? - The General Edication Testing Development Service (GEDTS) publishes an official GED practice test that you can take online.  The official GED practice test is available at  Please note that this test is NOT free - there is a $10 charge to access the test.
Where can I find additional free GED practice tests?  In addition to practice tests listed above, also maintains a directory of free GED practice tests
Are there any free GED courses online? Although you are not able to obtain your GED credential online, you can take GED prep courses online.  Please visit our guide to GED courses to learn more about your options for online GED study.
Where can I find a free downloadable GED practice test? - The list below has a sample of free printable, downloadable practice tests.

Free Printable Practice Tests from Other Providers

GED Printable Practice Tests (PDF) - from Peterson's.  Includes free, no registration GED practice tests.

Printable Practice Tests for the GED (PDF)  – Learn A Test provides study guides for many standardized and vocational tests.

Peterson’s Free GED Sample Questions
– Peterson’s, a test preparation publisher, provides free sample GED questions.

Peterson’s Free GED Free Practice Test – Peterson’s, a test preparation publisher, provides free GED Practice Test.

GED Practice Tests from – provides GED sample tests for the all content areas of the GED Test.

Although studying with practice tests is a very effective way to prepare for your GED tests, it should not be the only technique you use.  Most students who have not attended school for a while will be rusty on many of the GED topics such as Math and Science.  There are a variety of ways to prepare for the GED, including GED study guides, classroom preparation classes and online study courses.  Please review's guide to GED courses to help you choose a study technique that fits with your learning style, time constraints and budget.

The GED Tests are comprised of five separate content area tests (mathematics, social studies, science, language arts/reading, and language arts/writing).  The test questions are multiple choice and one written essay.  The GED Tests provide adults a way to demonstrate that they have high school level academic skills and knowledge. also provides more Free GED Practice Tests to help you pass your GED test.  To better prepare for the test, you may consider GED courses.  For information about signing up for the test, please see our GED requirements overview.

If you have another source of free GED practice tests, please let us know and we can include it here.