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Find the best GMAT prep course for you based on guarantees, budget and learning style. The Graduate Management Admission Test, more commonly known as the GMAT, is a computerized test that was developed (and is currently administered) by The Graduate Management Admission Council.  

The GMAT has the capability of adapting in real-time to a test-taker's ability based on the answers provided during the testing experience. On a global basis, the GMAT seeks to evaluate those students who are seriously interested in enrolling in a graduate-level business/management school or degree program. 

GMAT preparation is an important part of optimizing your score on the GMAT exam. Let’s take a look at some of the best GMAT prep courses in today’s marketplace.

Best GMAT Prep Course Reviews (2020)

GMAT Prep Magoosh Princeton Review PrepScholar Kaplan Manhattan Veritas
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T-G choice (best value)

T-G choice (most comprehensive)
Pricing $428 $249
Get $189 Discount
$499 $399
Get 20% Discount
$259 $599 $999 $699
Subscription Length 1 year 4 months 4 months 6 months 6 months 1 year
Free Trial
Guarantee  +50 point improvement Unhappy with score, you can repeat course free. Score higher or refund +60 points Score higher or repeat/money-back None None
Practice Questions 1300+ 4000+ 1200+ 5000+ 1000s 5000+
Practice Exams  2 10 4 9 6 12
Delivery Options Online (self-paced) Online (self-paced), Online (live), In-person Online (self-paced) Online (self-paced), Online (live), In-person Online (self-paced), Online (live), In-person Online (self-paced), Online (live)
Study Plan
Essay Feedback
Score Predictor
Support Options Email Email, Phone Email Email Email, Forum Email
Summary  Review Review Review Review Review Review
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GMAT Prep Course Online Reviews 

Magoosh GMAT Prep Review 

Magoosh logo

Test-Guide Rating:  T-G choice (best value)

Magoosh offers its GMAT student customers quality GMAT prep materials created by experienced GMAT authors and experts. Magoosh offers a money-back guarantee (7-Day Guarantee) that a student taking the GMAT will have a score improvement -  – with an impressive no-questions-asked policy. 

Magoosh’s GMAT Preparation choices include these options –

A Self Study/Premium option –

  • A GMAT Score that improves by 50+ total points.
  • One-year of total access to study materials.
  • 330+ GMAT Video Lessons
  • Access to Study Material with regard to Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Math.
  • Study Schedules, Email Assistance, & a Score Predictor.
  • Regular Price $438 – On sale for $249.

A Guided Study/Tutoring option  –

  • A GMAT Score that improves by 50+ total points.
  • 6 Tutoring Hours; 1 to 1 Guidance; Video Chat Lessons.
  • One-year of total access to study materials.
  • 340+ GMAT Video Lessons.
  • Over 1,250 practice questions.
  • Access to Study Material with regard to Integrated Reasoning and Math categories.
  • A minimum of 2 practice tests.
  • Study Schedules, Email Assistance, & a Score Predictor.
  • Price $799– sometimes available with promotional pricing.

Best Feature of Magoosh - Budget Friendly and Flexible

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The Princeton Review GMAT Review

Princeton Review logo

Test-Guide Rating:  T-G choice (most comprehensive)

The Princeton Review, which was established nearly 40 years ago in 1981, offers a multitude of GMAT course prep options written and administered by Princeton Review-trained GMAT experts. The Princeton Review, which is now available in more than 40 states, stands behind their quality GMAT prep material by offering a better score with a guarantee – a tuition refund or a free training course if a student does NOT score higher after completing one of its GMAT prep courses. Some of the Princeton Review’s online tools include 

  • The Drill builder.
  • The Quick Lesson Reviews.
  • The Adaptable Video Lessons to help facilitate the fastest path to the best score.
  • The Adaptive Drills.
  • The Live Session of GMAT Explanations.

The most popular of the Princeton Review’s GMAT prep courses is the comprehensive program that includes the relevant GMAT modules – Quantitative, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning. 

The Princeton Review’s self-paced study options offer students an adaptable, customizable training solution. The best value prep course is also the most popular – which offers an important one-hour guidance session with a GMAT expert that helps map out the most prudent study approach for each student. 

Best Princeton Review Features - Number of Practice Exams/Questions

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PrepScholar GMAT Prep Review

PrepScholar logo

Test-Guide Rating: 

PrepScholar is a GMAT preparation course provider staffed by a group of dedicated GMAT experts. PrepScholar offers its GMAT preparation course options with its double guarantee – a five-day risk-free trial and a complete refund if you do not improve your GMAT score by a minimum of 60 points.

PrepScholar encourages you to test-drive the product using its diagnostic assessment tool – while enjoying the five-day risk-free policy. The diagnostic tool reveals your areas in need of study and creates a personalized study plan. 

PrepScholar offers these GMAT courses.

Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep – best for students beginning GMAT prep and want a diagnostic tool and guidance.

  • Access Period – 3 months.
  • Diagnostic Assessment. 
  • Practice Questions – 800+
  • Answers explained in detail, on videos.
  • GMAT Skill Lessons – 30+
  • GMAT Strategy Lessons – 5
  • Email support.
  • Price - $139

Completely Customized Online GMAT Prep – best for students wanting a fully customizable experience.

  • Access Period –4 months.
  • Diagnostic Assessment. 
  • 100+ Hours of Content.
  • Practice Questions – 1,200+
  • Answers explained in detail, on videos
  • GMAT Skill Lessons – 30+
  • GMAT Strategy Lessons – 10
  • Email support.
  • Price - $259

Best PrepScholar Feature – Customized Learning Path

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Kaplan GMAT Review

Kaplan logo

Test-Guide Rating: 

Since the late 1930s, Kaplan is a long established GMAT prep provider that offers two quality self-paced preparation courses for those getting ready to take their GMAT exam. Each of the self-paced GMAT courses provides the following benefits –

  • 9 Complete Computer Adaptive Tests for Practice.
  • A GMAT Adaptive Qbank, plus 500+ Practice Questions.
  • 140+ Hours of Online Practice/Instruction.
  • Two Preparation Guides and a guidebook for Master of Business Administration (MBA) admissions. 
  • 6 months of online access.
  • Recorded Instruction – 15 hours.
  • GMAT Channel Archived Episodes – 30 Hours
  • A Real-world Test Day Experience 

The more affordable self-paced course has enrollment tuition of $599 and includes all of the benefits noted above. 

Kaplan offers a more comprehensive self-paced course, with enrollment tuition of $799, entitled – Self-Paced PLUS – that provides the additional benefits – 

  • Elective Live Instruction on GMAT Channel – 30+ hours.
  • A self-paced Math Foundations GMAT Prep Course.  (valued separately at $299)

Kaplan, like many GMAT test prep companies, offers a Higher Score Money-back guarantee. If a test-taker completes the Kaplan GMAT prep program and takes the official test with a score that does not improve over the student’s recorded baseline score, the test-taker will have two options from which to select. 

  • A free reactivation (within 60 days of the previous program’s expiration date) for an additional twelve weeks -this does not include live classes, tutoring or coaching).
  • Money-Back option.

If a test-taker completes the Kaplan GMAT prep program and takes the official test with a score that improves over the baseline score, but they are unhappy with the score, they can ask for a free reactivation, as noted above.

Best Kaplan GMAT Feature – In-person Learning Experience

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Review

Manhattan logo

Test-Guide Rating: 

Manhattan Prep offers GMAT award-winning, course prep programs that are available on each of a student’s devices – a laptop, desktop, smart-phone or tablet, every day, all day, from anywhere. Each lesson is available in high-definition, self-paced, and adaptable to a student’s learning style & academic needs and includes an Interact Lesson taught by a GMAT expert.

Manhattan Prep offers several GMAT prep course options to meet each of the GMAT test taker’s needs. These prep course options can be delivered as e-books, print books (or both). 

Manhattan Prep also offers its more intensive GMAT Boot Camp with an accelerated format/delivery that can be completed online or in-person, at the cost of $2,699. For those students interested in a more personalized prep approach, Manhattan Prep offers a Private Tutoring Package (10 hours) for a fee of $2,450. 

The initial access period for Interact prep courses is 6 months, with two available extensions of 90 days, for a fee, with conditions that apply. Manhattan Prep boasts they have taught more than 1.2 million students from more than 190 countries across the globe, although the company offers no guarantees or reimbursements. 

Best Manhattan Prep Feature – Self Paced Learning Experience

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Veritas GMAT Review

Veritas logo

Test-Guide Rating: 

Veritas Prep offers self-paced GMAT prep courses that offer an on-demand approach to GMAT prep and a comprehensive set of GMAT resources. Veritas Prep notes on its website that the average increase in the GMAT score of students who have taken its prep course is 140 points.

Veritas Prep offers its on-demand program with a full year of access and seasoned GMAT professionals to help seven days per week. And while Veritas Prep offers self-paced study options, there is always a GMAT professional available to help answer tough problems or clarify complex explanations.

Veritas Prep also offers free first lessons for students as a test-drive – with no strings attached. These freebie classes are available at a variety of times during the week and on the weekends as well. 

Best Veritas GMAT Tutor Feature – Number of Practice Exams/Questions

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