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Test-Guide exists to help students learn, study, and pass their upcoming exams. We do this by offering free test prep materials for our users. We specialize in offering free practice tests. We offer prep materials for 50+ different tests. 

As well as offering free practice tests, we also offer prep course reviews for our users. These prep course reviews are completed by our dedicated team of experts. Our experts find the best courses, compare them, break down their features, and let our users know what they found. 

Test-Guide was founded in 2009 by a group of educators with a passion for helping students succeed on their exams. We take pride in knowing we have helped millions of students prepare for and pass their exams, all for free.

You're on a Journey to Better Yourself. And We're Right There With You.

Whether you are studying to get into college or trying to pass a nursing exam, we are here to help. No matter your journey, we are here to support, guide, and inspire you. 

Our team has put countless hours into creating the most straightforward, expert-reviewed, and most beneficial content - all designed to help you achieve your goals. 

Test-Guide covers all facets of test prep. Whether it is our free practice tests or our objective prep course reviews, we have our users best interests in mind. 

We hope that you utilize all of the test prep resources that we offer. 

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Our Mission

We founded Test-Guide due to our frustration with the lack of affordable, quality study resources for students to access online. Our mission over the last decade has been to develop the best study resources available – and make them 100% free for our users. 

Our Mission

To help you pass your exam by providing the best free study resources.

Our Users Have Made Us The Biggest Provider of Free Practice Tests and Prep Course Reviews

Whether you are here to take a free practice test, use one of our free study guides, or learn more about a specific prep course, you're in the right place.

You'll find content that is informative, easy to understand, and engaging. You will also find a compassionate team of professionals whose main goal is to help you succeed. 

Guiding Principles

Practice Tests Should Be Free

Students should not have to pay to take practice tests. All of our practice tests are 100% free. This is the principle we were founded on. 

Students Should Have Access to Unbiased Reviews

Our dedicated team of experts takes pride in providing unbiased reviews. Students should be able to easily compare various prep courses to find the best option for themselves. We separate the “marketing” aspect of these prep courses from the actual features they offer.


We want to ensure we are an organization that puts people first. Our team tries to outline the ins and outs of every test for our users. If we can help someone better understand their exam, what they need to study, and provide those resources to them (for free), then we have done our job. 

Keep in Touch

We are always working on improving the site. We are continuously adding new practice tests, updating old practice tests, and adding new prep course reviews. 

If you see something you like (or don’t like), let us know! We love hearing feedback from our users. If you would like to see us add a practice test for a specific test that we do not already have, please let us know.

You can contact us on social media or by sending us a message

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About Test-Guide

Test-Guide.com was founded by a group of educators with a passion for preparing students to succeed on their exams. [Learn More]

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